What Sells a House – Top 12 Tips

What sells a house- Top 12 House Selling Tips

Want To Know What Sells a House?

Follow These 12 Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly and for the Best Price

  1. Choose the Right Realtor The answer to question “How to sell a home” is best answered by the single most important choice that a homeowner makes during the sales process:  Choosing the Right Realtor Not all Real Estate Agents are created equal and while you might be tempted to choose a family member or friend to help you, it is best to keep business and personal relationships separate.  You need to find an aggressive Realtor that is knowledgeable and educated enough to guide you through the sales process.  Listen to your Realtors suggestions and do not be offended by criticism.  Remember, you and your Realtor are on the same team.  For more information on how to choose the right Realtor please read the following article:
  2. Price the House Right Choosing the initial listing price for your house is what sells a house more than anything else.  The laws of supply and demand are definitely at play when selling a house.  Typically, your house is worth what other houses similar to yours are selling for within your immediate location.  Real Estate Agents will refer to “Comps” when speaking to you about establishing the sales price of your house.  The term “Comps” refers to comparative listings of all kind (Active, Contingent, Pending and Sold) in your neighborhood.  In theory you should be able to sell your house for whatever price someone is willing to pay.  That theory may still hold true if the buyer is willing to pay cash.  However, since most real estate purchase contracts have appraisal contingencies and since most buyers need loans to purchase the property, how much you sell your house for will be strongly affected by the “Comps” in your neighborhood.  If you are selling a house you need to be realistic about the potential outcome.
  3. Curb Appeal First impressions are extremely important in the nuances of how to sell a home.  With the advent of the Internet many buyers locate potential homes online and then do a drive by prior to seeking an appointment to see the interior.  If your house lacks curb appeal you might either turn the buyer off entirely or provide the buyer with leverage to reduce their offer price.  You will benefit by identifying and correcting issues such as overgrown or non-existent landscaping, chipping or peeling paint, rain gutter issues, roof problems, etc.  Spending a little time and money and maximizing the curb appeal will go a long way to selling a house for as much as possible.
  4. Be Objective Prior to listing your property for sale. Take a moment and pretend that you are a buyer looking for a home.  Examine your home with that frame of mind in order to try and envision what a potential buyer might think or say about your house.  Are there rooms in your house that appear to be too dark?  Do some rooms appear to be small because of too much furniture?  Are your carpets stained and dirty?  Is the paint on your walls chipped or scuffed?  Is there a visible cobweb, dust or dirt along the baseboards, corners or on the furniture?  Ask yourself these questions and correct any issues that you envision will be a problem.
  5. Minor Repairs Identifying issues and repairing visible issues around the house can save you thousands of dollars.  Remember, buyers will look for reasons to lower their asking price.  If you have visible exterior wood rot or damage the amount of the buyer’s offer will reflect the price of correcting the issue.  If you are able to identify and correct these issues you will be maximizing the return on the sale of your house.
  6. Eradicate Smells Perhaps nothing turns a buyer off more than foul smells and odors. how to sell a house - no dog or pet smells
    If you have pets or smoke in your house take care to eliminate the residual odors the best that you can.  Many buyers are sensitive to smell and consider the costs associated with eliminating the odor when placing an offer on your house.  Eradicating the source of the smell during the selling period will save you thousands.
  7. Keep Pets Locked Up During Showings Although Fido might be your best friend, that does not mean that he is everyone’s best friend.  When considering how to sell a home make sure that your pets are contained during viewings.  Buyers want to be able to preview your property without being distracted by a barking dog or an overly affectionate cat.  Plus, not all buyers are pet people and the presence of a dog or cat might cause them to turn away from your home entirely.
  8. De-Clutter Rooms Clutter can make rooms in a house look much smaller than they actually are. Buyers examine each room in your home by imagining what they would do with it.  You should examine each room with an objective eye and determine if removing a piece of furniture or two might make the room appear larger.  You may have to rent a storage unit to store some furniture during the sales process.  Remember, if the room is cluttered or filled with junk buyers might not be able to properly conceptualize what they would do with the space.  Selling a house is about the buyer’s vision.
  9. Have Open Showing Hours It is important to have your home ready and available for showings as much as possible.  Homeowners with restrictive showing hours will alienate many buyers that may not be able to accommodate the allotted showing times.  Selling a house is all about the buyers.  As a seller, you want as many buyers to see your house as possible until an accepted offer is procured.  Do not make it difficult for someone to see your house.
  10. Keep Your House Clean While selling a house, it is extremely important to keep your house as clean as possible.  Buyers can be turned off by homes that are not well maintained.  Again, first impressions are key to selling your house.  If a buyer’s first impression is of a dirty kitchen with dishes in the sink and crumbs on the counter, it will leave a negative impression.  By ensuring that your house is clean at all times your home will effectively become a showing room that will leave buyers vising your home with positive impressions.
  11. Let the Light In Buyers like homes with good sources of natural light.  Open the blinds and draw back the curtains and let the sunshine into your home.  If you have rooms in your home that are natural light challenged then make sure that they are well lit when buyers are viewing your property.
  12. Pictures Matter Since over 90% of home buyers now start their search on the Internet, the importance of qualify photos cannot be expressed.  High qualify photos will definitely draw interest to your home.  If your Realtor does not possess a photographer grade camera then request that professional photos be taken.  If a particular room does not photograph well then do not let your Realtor post it.  Most multiple listing services will allow for a minimum of 25 photos to be posted.  When it comes to selling a house and attracting more buyers, quantity is not always better.  Fewer quality photos that really make your home shine are better than 25 photos that do not do your house justice.

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