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Realtor Reviews

Read and view realtor reviews for Michael Gaddis, J.D. Realty Group and his team of experienced San Diego Realtors.

Norman & Maricel in San Marcos, CA

We acquired the services of Michael Gaddis to short sell our house, and would like to express our gratitude for the help that was extended to us through the process. Michael was highly recommended by a friend who used his services for a loan modification. On our first meeting, Michael took his time and thoroughly discussed our options with us. We agreed that a short sale would be in our best interest considering the house was very much underwater. We knew after our first meeting that he was the right person to help us, not just because of his knowledge and expertise, but because we felt that he was sincere in helping us. He took us through the process and what to expect in the coming months. He was genuine and forthcoming, and we felt comfortable and not intimidated.  The process took a while, but we were assured and confident that it would be done. Michael Gaddis also has a wonderful team that kept us well informed and were always there for us. Thank you to Doug for going above and beyond to help us with the paperwork and a lot more. We are very happy with the service that was provided us and hope that they get to help more people like us. If anyone is in the same situation, we highly recommend that you make that first appointment with Michael and you will know.

Maria in Santee, CA

I used Michael Gaddis to help me short sell my condo. I had a very difficult lender, ING Direct.  When I initially spoke to Michael Gaddis he gave me a detailed tutorial on how short sales work and told me what hurdles we might face during the process.  I really appreciated the time that Michael took in explaining the process;  It made me feel much more at ease and comfortable with the process.  We faced many road blocks along the way but Michael Gaddis found a way around all of them, in a timely manner.  Michael and his staff kept me well informed during the process.  I cannot say enough about their communication, he was always available when I called with a question.  I recommend Michael Gaddis and Dream House Realty, Inc. to anyone who has to short sell their home.  I really felt comfortable knowing that Michael was not only a real estate agent but also an attorney.  I do not know why anyone would want to use anyone else.


Romeo and Minda in Escondido, CA

When my family and I made the difficult decision to sell our home we knew that we needed to find a real estate agent experienced in handling difficult situations. Michael was a referral from a friend of ours that was happy for their services. We owed substantially more on our house than it was worth.  We knew that if we were going to sell our house it was going to have to be via a short sale.  We needed an agent that would fight to insure that our house was sold.  We did not want a foreclosure on our record.  We met with Michael Gaddis and immediately felt that he was the agent for us.  The process was somewhat lengthy and we faced numerous Trustee Sale dates during the process but Michael handled every situation.  His office was very good at communicating with us and giving us updates on the process. It was a great relief having a team of caring people on your sides that ensure your rights and entitlements. I am very happy with the service that Michael Gaddis provided.  I would highly recommend him at all times to anyone in need.

Derek & Lindsay in Winchester, CA

My husband and I used Michael Gaddis to short sell our house in Winchester, CA.  We had 2 loans, both with Bank of America.  We got a referral from a friend who recommended Michael’s services as he had helped them greatly.  Although Michael’s office is a little far from our home we believed that he would be the best choice to assist us in this process.  Michael Gaddis and his staff were always there to answer any questions that we had.  We are extremely happy with the service that we received from Michael Gaddis.  In fact, we have already referred one of our neighbors to Michael and he is in the process of helping them short sell their house.  We would recommend Michael Gaddis to any one desiring to sell their house, short sale or otherwise.

 B.K. and Jean in San Marcos, CA

Jean and I  are writing to thank you for assisting us in obtaining the necessary SHORT SALE to solve our problem as you and your staff were able to work with two different difficult lenders and a very difficult Home Owners Association. Your staff were always working for our interest.  Your escrow office was very knowledgeable and efficient and made our details so simple and workable.You were honest and forthcoming with the information you provided us and were willing to spend time listening to our story and offering us the assistance we so desperately needed. Once again thank you for your help and for being one of the good guys, who is truly dedicated to the service of others.


 A & V in Riverside, CA

We used Michael Gaddis to short sell our house located in Riverside, CA.  Although we loved our house, we realized that keeping it was not in our best interest.  We chose Michael Gaddis to help us because of his extensive experience with short sales and because of the fact that he was a real estate broker and an attorney.  The short sale was important to us because we wanted to preserve our credit as much as possible and we knew that Michael Gaddis was more than qualified to handle any difficulty or obstacle that might arise.  The issue with our Short sale was economic hardship and the value of our house had dropped significantly.  It took a while to find a qualified buyer that was willing to make a reasonable offer.  Michael Gaddis was overly cautious and obtained 3 backup offers.  His cautiousness paid off when the initial buyer backed out.  Unfortunately, the 3 backup offers backed out one by one.  We started to stress because we did not want our house to go into foreclosure.  Michael Gaddis did not panic and eventually procured a buyer that did not back out.  Ironically, the buyer turned out to be the buyer that made the initial offer.  Michael Gaddis and his staff were there for us the entire time to guide us through this process.  Wherever your house is located, if you are thinking about short selling your house, we recommend Michael Gaddis.

Nastaran in Murrieta, CA

We used Michael Gaddis to help us short sell our house located in Murrieta, CA.  It took us almost one year to reach this decision: each time I spoke to Michael, he was extremely generous with his time and expertise; he was also able to answer questions clearly and in a way that helped us understand the consequences of the various options. It was an extremely stressful time for our family.  We did not want a foreclosure but we were suffering financially and needed to get resolution.  We chose Michael to help us because of his knowledge and experience. We had 2 lenders, PennyMac and Citi, which complicated things. But we knew that if anything went wrong Michael was better equipped than an average real estate agent to handle it.   Michael Gaddis was successful at short selling our house quickly.  We’re extremely happy with the level of service and communication that his office provided. We would recommend him to anyone desiring to sell their home.

Karl in Temecula, CA
I used Michael Gaddis to short sell my house.  I contacted Michael Gaddis off of a post card that was sent to my house.  It was one of the best phone calls that I ever made.  When I contacted Michael Gaddis I was days away from a Trustee Sale.  I was desperate to try and find someone that could help me and I liked the fact that Michael Gaddis was an attorney and real estate broker.  I thought that he would have the ability and knowledge to help me.  I am not someone that usually calls off of postcards or propaganda that I get in the mail but there was something about that postcard that made me call.  When I met with Michael Gaddis he was confident and knowledgeable and I felt comfortable that he could help me.  He stopped The Trustee Sale and listed my house for sale.  He and his office communicated well with me.  I always felt informed.  He responded to any emails I sent quickly and resolved whatever problems came about.  I am very happy with the service that I received from Michael Gaddis and I would highly recommend him to those that are in a similar situation.
Colin in San Marcos, CA  I can’t express enough appreciation for the tremendous service that Michael Gaddis provided to me and my family.  We previously had our home listed with another Realtor for over 90 days with no success.  After switching to Michael Gaddis we found a buyer in just 38 days.  Michael and his team developed and executed a superb Marketing campaign using all the right tools, including professional photos and videos, custom website, blogging, local TV exposure, and listings on all the major real estate websites.  Michael is a real professional, with commitment to his clients.  His Marketing skills, along with his deep local market insight, legal expertise, and negotiating prowess, earns my highest recommendation.