Selling Your Home  | Finding a Listing Agent

The decision to sell your house is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life.  Your home is not just where you sleep, eat and spend time with your loved ones, it is also an investment.  For most people, the home is the largest investment they’ll make in a lifetime.  Once you have made the decision to sell your house many other questions arise such as:  Who will represent me as my listing agent? At what price should I list my house?  How long will selling my home take?  How do I find interested buyers?  Do I have to fix up my house in order to sell it?  How much is it going to cost me to sell my house?  In addition to these questions, there are still more quandaries a typical seller does not immediately think about yet, are equally important.  The first key to selling your home is doing your due diligence by educating yourself about the processes and procedures involved in selling real estate.  Real estate transactions are legal transactions and parties on either end are forced to deal with countless forms and contracts that need to be closely examined and ultimately signed by the seller.  However, before signing any of these forms sellers need to understand exactly what the documents mean.  The process can be extremely intimidating and overwhelming to the majority of the population with out having someone familiar with the real estate jargon and legalese to explain them in “plain English”.

The first major decision that a home seller need to make is determining who will help you sell your home.  Deciding on the right listing agent or REALTOR® is the single most important decision that you will make.  Choosing the wrong representation can cause you unnecessary stress, loss of time, energy, and even money. Routinely, when you make a decision to sell and you let friends and family know of this intention,  you will be inundated with offers of assistance.  Friends (many that you did not even know you had) and relatives that hold real estate licenses will come knocking and calling to offer their services. Through this, it is paramount to keep in mind that selling your home is a business decision and although your nephew or uncle or best friend’s wife may be a real estate agent, that fact alone, does not make him or her the best choice protect and represent you throughout this important transaction.

As a seller, your goal should be to maximize your return on the sale with as little headaches as possible.  You most likely will be doing yourself a favor by keeping friends and family just that and using a seasoned and highly trained professional to assist you in your sale. It is best practice to investigate and interview REALTORS® prior to retaining them.  Be aware, most every real estate agent on the planet WILL tell you they are the best choice.  Real estate agents are, after all, sales people and their first objective is to sell you on their ability to do the job.  Often when a listing agent  meets with a prospective client, they are interviewing for a job and they put their salesmanship into overdrive.

Today, over 90% of home seekers begin their real estate search on the Internet.  Technology is making it easier for buyers to look for and research properties on their own.  In the past, listing agents relied heavily on other real estate agents to find buyers for their property based on their connections and portfolios.  With the inventory made transparent by the Web, now more than ever the competition has set REALTORS’® goal not only to find a buyer, but to find the buyer that is willing to purchase the property with the highest and best terms for the seller.

Finding a Listing Agent that is willing to deal with you in earnest is also very important. To find representation that is not afraid to tell you things, even if those things are not what you want to hear can protect you both legally and fiscally.  Some agents will only tell you what you want to hear because they fear you will not give them the listing if they were 100% truthful.  You need to find an agent that is informed enough and diligent enough to advise you to your best course of action; this is their fiduciary duty to you. Your expectations have to be grounded in reality, or it does not matter who you choose to help you sell your home.

Michael Gaddis, J.D.  has the knowledge, experience and in-depth training to provide you with highest quality and informed representation.  As both a real estate broker and a licensed California attorney, Michael Gaddis is equipped with the experience, knowledge and confidence to handle nearly any issue that might arise during a real estate transaction. His legal knowledge and tender are an added weight and benefit when negotiation with other less seasoned listing agents.

Securing Michael Gaddis as your listing agent (also listing agent) will provide you with the peace of mind that you have the best representation possible.  While a fierce negotiator and attorney, Michael treats his clients as he would his family, putting their best interests ahead of his own.  Michael Gaddis has the unique combination of skills, having all the capabilities of a REALTOR combined with the expertise and tenacious propensities of an attorney.   If you are interviewing Realtors® to list your home, take the time to consult with Michael Gaddis, J.D.  Why have a sales agent represent you when you can have a California Licensed Attorney and Real Estate Broker represent you for no additional expense? Get the representation you deserve… the very best.

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