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leucadia real estateLeucadia Real Estate

Leucadia is an older section of Encinitas featuring tree lined streets and boulevards. Located along Highway 101 Leucadia is known for being a surfer town.  The community features art galleries, unusual stores, and restaurants, along with single family homes. The economy of Leucadia prides itself in being made up of mom-and-pop shops, small cafés and boutique stores.  Leucadia definitely has a small town feel and that is what attracts so many people to the area.  Leucadia was settled in 1870 by English spiritualists who gave many of the street names after Roman and Greek heroes, gods and goddesses such as Hymettus, Neptune, Phoebe, Europa, Vulcan, Hermes, Cadmus, Diana and Daphne.  To this day, the bneighborhood surrounding Leucadia real estate maintains a free-spirited, hippie-like feel.

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