How to List Your House

How To List Your House

As the real estate market in Southern California continues to rebound from the housing crisis and home prices continue to rise you might begin wondering when and how to list your house.  Stories of bidding wars amongst potential buyers offering far above the asking price have many homeowners intrigued, especially those that have been holding on to hope of avoiding a short sale.  Traditionally, Spring and Summer have been the hottest times to sell a house.  Add in the fact that the level of “Active” listings on the multiple listing services are low and the fact that there seems to be a surplus of buyers the conditions would seem to indicate that now is a very good time to list your house.  

The next question that needs to be addressed is how to list your house.  The first step is to find a quality Realtor to help you.  The best advice is to stay away from family and friends.  Although you will be very tempted to choose someone that you are close too you might think again.  Remember this, business is business and family and friends are just that.  Mixing the two is not always a good recipe for success and can sometimes destroy relationships.  Although everyone starts off with good intentions, it is better to pick someone that is not within your personal sphere.  Another good tip is to steer clear of Realtors that use gimmicks and carnival tactics to get your attention.  When you sell your house you want to locate a professional not a former used car salesperson or ex-mall cell phone salesperson.  Also, try and interview at least 3 Realtors before signing a listing agreement and check out the Realtors educational background and references.  Keep in mind that Realtors are sales people and they are very good at selling themselves.  However, what you want is someone that is not only going to help you market your house and obtain the highest and best offer, but also someone that will guide you through the entire sales transaction.  By interviewing at least 3 Realtors you will, at the very least, get some different perspectives and approaches on to sell your house.

Once you have chosen a Realtor the next step is to walk through and around your house and make notes of issues that Buyers might have with your house. You need to be as objective as possible!  Your Realtor should be as frank with you as possible about areas that would improve your home’s marketability. Sellers that are selling their homes via short sales do not care about the condition of their house.  These Sellers are typically selling their homes “AS-IS” and are not willing to put a dime into the property.  Buyers purchasing short sales are not as concerned about the condition of the house as they are about the purchase price.  Short sale Buyers are all about the “deal” and have little need for the Seller to accommodate issues as they have typically taken these factors into account when making their offer.  However, Sellers desiring to sell their home for more than they owe “equity sellers” and wanting to command top dollar need to make sure that their home is in top showing condition prior to putting the house on the market.  The Seller should pay special attention to any needed repairs to the property that would otherwise provide a potential Buyer with an avenue to send in a slightly lower offer.  For example, if you walk around your house and see that some of your window screens are missing or are torn up, it might be a good idea to fix them.  The few dollars that you will spend replacing them will go a long way to helping you maximize the return on your sale.  For a more detailed article on tips to help sell your house please click the following link:  

Once any needed repairs and all marketing issues have been resolved you are now ready to list your house and put it on the market. 

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