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Fallbrook, CA is an unincorporated community in north San Diego County, California located between Interstate 15 on the west and Bonsall and Camp Pendleton on the east.   The landscape of Fallbrook real estate is well-known for its Avocado growing.  Avocado trees were introduced in Fallbrook around 1912 and have flourished ever since due to the favorable weather and good growing conditions.  Fallbrook was once known as the Avocado Capital of the World.  Every spring Fallbrook holds a street faire called the Avocado Festival which attracts over seventy thousand visitors to celebrate its avocado heritage.  The downtown Fallbrook area is not located off of major freeway but located 6 miles West of Interstate 15 and 5 miles north of the 76.  However, Fallbrook itself is spread over 17.6 miles of rolling terrain.

Like Bonsall to the west, many homes in Fallbrook are located on large lots and sit high on Find Fallbrook real estate with Michael Gaddis, J.D.hills providing these homeowners with beautiful views.  The primary economy of Fallbrook is agriculture and consists of Avocado and citrus groves, tree nurseries and market flower growers.

The Fallbrook real estate market ranges from entry level homes to multi-million dollar estate homes.  So if you are looking for a rural community with a rich agricultural history where the people are friendly then Fallbrook is the place for you.

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