Arrowood Homes for Sale

Arrowood Homes for Sale

About Arrowood, Oceanside

The Arrowood neighborhood in northeast Oceanside to a great extent comprises of the expert arranged Arrowood group, which is home to a handful of conservatively sized housing developments, for example, Seacountry at Arrowood, Saybrook at Arrowood and Toll Brothers at Arrowood. A significant part of the group is made up of single-family homes set upon the slopes encompassing Arrowood Golf Course, which permits homeowners to revel in breathtaking vistas of the course, the nearby riparian natural surroundings and North County San Diego. This developing neighborhood is just shy of 20 minutes from the coast and the well-known Oceanside Harbor, making the coast and the numerous attractions of North County San Diego readily accessible. To learn more about the values and the market activity of Arrowood homes for sale, watch the brief video below.

Arrowood Real Estate Market Update


Arrowood Real Estate Update Video Transcript (**Auto transcribed by YouTube)

Hi I’m Michael Gaddis your real estate expert in Arrowood homes for sale. Today I’d like to talk to you look at about the state in the real estate market in a row as a May 17 2014 I took the information about to tell you of the Multiple Listing Service with a close date on April 1st 2014 there are no detached challenger town homes in this data so with that being said let’s get started there are currently 25 active listings in Carrollwood other current list price per square foot the average list price per square foot the active listings is a hundred ninety four dollars a square for on which a little bit low seems it seems as a little bit lower than what it probably should pay on there are currently two contingent listings in a related they have an average list price per square foot to 144 dollars for which is really low on but know should not affect your value that much is just a sign of contingent listings usually for short sales or sales usually less for a lot lower than what they actually end up selling for so that’s not really a bad indication necessarily but the real thing that will determine the value is what he saw price per square foot is before we go there let’s take a look at with the pending listings are doing so there are currently 13 pending listings in every way as a May 17 2014 on the average list price per square foot these pending listings is 233 dollars a square for so that’s definitely a step in the right direction but now let’s see what the most important number at the mall are sense April 1st 2014 till today May 17 2014 there have been sick sold listings in Carrollwood and he sold listings haven’t average sold price per square foot up 185 dollars and 56 cents and that to me seems a little bit low and you can tell that there’s probably a little bit low because the pending listings are pending at a much higher dollar at 233 dollars for so those who help us out quite a bit and the active listings help push up to number a little bit to do so don’t be alarmed things are going in the right direction and dis is the harder time out the real state market so things should be selling for more here real soon late spring and summer time is traditionally the best time to sell your house if you’re going to sell so you do want to sell it please feel free to give me a call my name is Michael Gaddis you can reach me at area code 760 692 5950 you can visit my website at WWW dot Michael Gaddis dot com I’m or you can visit my office which is in Carlsbad. I live very close to their word so don’t be deceived by the fact I offices in Carlsbad because I literally letter around the corner from a row so please feel free to call me with any real estate questions you might have about Arrowood Oceanside homes for sale,or if you just want to see how much your house is worth I’d love to come by and meet you so thank you for taking the time to watch this video and I look forward to meeting you in person.’


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