Vista Real Estate Market Update January 2014

Vista Real Estate Market Data

For January 2014

Get the latest real estate market information on Vista, California Real Estate. Find out how many current listings there currently are in the desired Vista easterly North County San Diego community. Find out if prices are increasing or decreasing and find out what homes are selling for right now. The real estate market data is analyzed from the San Diego SANDICOR MLS and presented by North County REALTOR and Broker Michael Gaddis. To get more information or view any of the available Visa homes for sale, call 760.487.8266 or email

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Hi I’m Michael Gaddis your local Vista real estate expert. This is the January real estate market update report. I just kinda giving you a kind about a general idea what’s going on as far as a numbers are concerned in the city of Vista. I pulled the data from San decor which is a local MLS. I pulled all the active, contingent, pending and sold listings the sold listings with closings occurring between December 1st last year to January 17 this year. So all the data I’m gonna be discussing in this market Updater is based upon that criteria. Currently there are 124 active listings  in the city investor the average square foot the homesteader currently act inactive status his 2061 to Bourque 2061. The average list price for those homes as 503 thousand the average list price per square foot two hundred and sixty  dollars a square  but in the average days on market 68 days. There is currently 34 contingent listings now. Contingent listings our listings that require either lender arc for approval and they are typically short sales. 34 is a relatively I mean it’s not high like it used to be but compared to the surrounding communities. It’s still a relatively high on amount apps continued sales so there are 34 those currently on the MLS. The square footage average for those as 2049 which is about the same as what the square footage is for the active listings. The list prices 379,000  693 the average list price for the Psalms and the average list price per square foot is a hundred ninety four dollars a square foot which is a significant difference from what the list price per square foot for the active listings are. But Dad is very typical a short sale listings. They typically list price lower than what on equity in traditional sales do for myriad reasons including maybe the condition the house. It is not quite to the level other equity or traditional sale or because it is a need to acquire by relatively quickly because they might be facing for imminent foreclosure or something to that effect. There are currently 72 pending listings on the market and average a square footage for these pending listings has 1,898 dollars, I’m sorry 1,898 square feet. The average list prices four hundred forty nine thousand nine hundred and seventy-two dollars  in the average list price per square foot is 254 dollars on and the average days on market is 48 days. So the average list price per square but 254 dollars is very close to what the active listings list price: are you notice is separate out the contingent listings. There’s a big difference between them and again has to do with the fact that they are distressed sales and for myriad reasons that’s why so from December for stuff last year to January 17 this year. There have been 77 sold properties. The average square foot for this all listings 02169 which is very similar to all three Lee Cattermole. The other categories and the average list price was four hundred eighty three thousand dollars the average list price per square foot was 237 dollars the average sold price which is the important figure because the average list price doesn’t mean anything until somebody actually buys the property. So the sold price in the so price per square foot are definitely better indicators what’s really going on this old price. The average tussle price was four hundred sixty seven thousand dollars the average sold price per square foot which is the important number 231 dollars a square with an average days on market up 46 days on market. So 231 dollars per square foot and it shows you know it’s higher obviously in the contingent listings which are at 194  its lower than what the act and pending listings are but that’s not a bad thing because the average in pending listings reflect future sale. So those sales to go through  its gonna raise the average sold price per square. Probably my next market update all you will notice a larger difference in what the square you know the now the sold price per square foot. So sometimes people are a little curious as to you on the most expensive house that sold in the area during this time period and in this case it was 1079 Park ill place. It’s old for 1,000,000 forty nine thousand dollars so 104 9000 and it was a four thousand six hundred nineteen square foot home built in 2005. So that is the most expensive house that we had during this time period. So that’s pretty much the condition the real estate market has a right now. If anybody would like to contact me or have any further questions, you can feel free to contact me at area code 760-696-1425 that 760-696-1425 which is actually my cell phone number. My office number is 760-692-5950 that 760-692-5950 or you can visit me at So thank you for taking the time to watching this video and I look forward to meeting you in the future.

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