Toll Brothers at Robertson Ranch Coming to Carlsbad in 2015

Toll Brothers have begun “earth-moving” in Carlsbad on their new home development, Toll Brothers at Robertson Ranch.  Robertson Ranch is located east of El Camino Real between Tamarack and Canon Roads.  Toll Brothers at Robertson Ranch will consist of 4 new home collections which will be located in an ideal location.  The Toll Brothers website does not provide much information about the development at this point but rest assured, bulldozers and giant earth-movers have begun to transform the landscape.

My office is located just minutes from the future Toll Brothers development.  I have driven past this plot of land for years.  The location is perfect.  Just 3 miles from the ocean and located close to Palomar Airport Road and Highway 78 future residents of Toll Brothers at Robertson Ranch will enjoy close proximity to all that Carlsbad has to offer including the fabulous beaches, Legoland, The Forum, Carlsbad’s Premium Outlets, the Flower Fields and so much more. Toll Brothers has a reputation for building high quality homes and I expect Toll Brothers at Robertson Ranch to be no different.

I would like to point out that most people do not think that they need real estate representation when purchasing a new home in Carlsbad.  In fact, many new home developers prefer that home buyers not have representation.  I assure you that every home buyer should have quality representation.  While 80% of my time is dedicated to representing buyers and sellers in real estate transactions, 20% of my time is occupied as a licensed California attorney.  I field calls on a weekly basis from home buyers in the middle of purchasing homes from developers.  These home buyers complain about numerous issues related to their new home purchase.  Most of the issues pertain to contractual or finance issues that have brought them to odds with the developer.  Since these home buyers do not have representation they are combating the developer’s representatives on their own.  Most of these home buyers feel alone and isolated at this point.  The same developer sales representative that told them that they did not need representation has become adversarial and/or nonresponsive to their needs.  Many have to retain me to help them fix a situation that I would have fixed for free had they used me to represent them in the purchase of their new home.  These same home buyers always respond, “I didn’t know” or “I wish I had known that I needed representation”.  It does not cost a home buyer a dime to have me represent them in the purchase of a home (whether it be a new home or an existing home).  I am compensated by the developer.

If you are interested in a Carlsbad new home located in Toll Brothers at Robertson please feel free to contact me at 760-692-5950 or email me at  I will continue to monitor the progress of the new development and will regularly post updates.

Michael Gaddis is a real estate broker, licensed California attorney and mortgage broker located in Carlsbad, CA.  Michael Gaddis is an expert in luxury home sales in all of San Diego County.  For more information about Michael Gaddis or new home developments in San Diego County please visit Michael Gaddis’ website at

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