Tips for Selling Your Home – Importance of Pre-planning

Tips for Selling Your Home – Importance of Pre-planning

San Diego Real Estate Broker, Michael Gaddis, explains the importance of pre-planning in the home sales process in order to get the most money in the sale of your home. If you’re hoping to sell this summer now is the time to contact a real estate professional. Make an appointment with top listing broker today by calling 7601.487.8266 or toll-free at 888.242.2272.


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I am Michael Gaddis, Today I wanna talk to you a little bit about the importance pre-planning for a listing. Can I sell your house if you call me on Friday and want to sell it on Monday? Of course, I can. However, let’s be honest, my job is to sell your house for as much as I can, so if you give me time we can potentially just do just that. So why do I need some time in preparation for listing well because there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than most people realize. When it comes to selling your house, the first thing I typically do as I typically have an initial median consultation with you in which I can you explain about my philosophies in my marketing plans what I think can be done what I think can’t be nine. The next thing I do is I typically do a property evaluation all walk around your property take a look to see how the current delay is how the rooms on the inside are with the pain structure is just a lot of different things that you know so I can perform like suggestions to you that might help you make more money on the sale of your house. Then what I do as I do you compare all evaluation snow when I compare do carols. I don’t necessarily just go to the Multiple Listing Service and Paul that information are. I also poor tax records and other for other databases to try to get a true understanding what your values. Why do I do that? Because not all sales are on the MLS for sale by owner. So you know inner a family transfers those types over up sales are not typically on emos. So it’s important to look not just at himless for compares but also for to tax records after I do that I give you suggestions for enhancing your property. So from my property evaluation I can give you suggestions. For example, you know on suggestions on how to improve your curb appeal or you know decliner in rooms neutralizing paint schemes you know things like that. When a buyer comes in is going to help them visualize their themselves as the owner or property in ASCII, you wanna buyer to think that they are the ones living in the house, you want them to create that mental picture above where they would put their furniture are their family pictures,  those types of things. So after I do that, I have a professional photographer come over and take photos at your house. It’s really important to get good photos. Photos sell houses, especially quality photos. The better the photos, the more buyers. Angela buyers gonna be action your house because as I’ve said many many times one of the most important places to look that buyers look for houses is on the Internet and you have to have a really good internet presence in order to properly market your house. So after I view the professional photography, we do some video production. Usually will do a walkthrough video are just got some sort of the video to give buyers yet another resource to kind of fall in love with your house and that takes time to edit that professional a video. I’m after I do that US DoD website construction, so we have to do is we create a website in individual website for your house and that includes procuring I your own specific URL on creating logging in SEO optimization. you know SEO optimization is really really important and then search engine optimization so when I say SEO optimization it’s really kinda redundant but most people don’t realize that. But SEO is really important because that’s how the web crawlers go out and find your website and at takes time for that to happen. So the best case scenario is that we create your web page and and let it sit there for a little bit before we actually left the house to give the web crawlers time to find it. So by the time we actually put it on the market they’ve already found its own. People are searching for you know our houses in your area whether it be low-cost are your smaller and you know like the a collection whatever it might be on your street the web the web crawlers Rd found those attacks and/or will pull your listing up much easier than they would. Anybody else’s I’m select menu video for truck production in web site construction you know as I mention we do SEO optimization and cream blocking things like that then we do and how scheduling because it’s really important to can schedule open houses especially initially when your house is on the market and that takes a little bit of planning because sometimes we do marketing to try to optimize the America people echoed in the open house. Ok we have a pre-planned out the day. It allows us to ] list those open house dates on various web sites and other information in informative resources so that buyers who want to look for houses through an open house can find it. And the last thing we need to do is do some pretty creative and a ordering so in other words. All our mailing pieces Amichai so Flyers we need to get that stuff developed and looking right. So as you can see there’s a lot more that goes into listing a house then just putting it on the MLS. So that’s why I have you give me time I can sell your house for more, because remember my job is to maximize your profitability ultimately. That’s the most important thing. So my name is Michael Gaddis. I am a real estate agent in San Diego County and if you are interested in speaking to me you can give me a call at my office at area code 760-692-5950, 760-692-5950 or  you can visit my web page at WWW.Michael or you can stop by and visit me at my office which is located in Carlsbad 6104 innovation way in Carlsbad California zip code 92009. I service the entire San Diego County area so if you are thinking about selling your house, please allow me the opportunity to show you what I can do and remember I give you more but it doesn’t cost you more.

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