Short Sale Closed at 1389 Fergus Falls, Claremont, CA 91711 for $1,150,000

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Michael Gaddis, J.D. Realty Group recently closed a short sale located at 1389 Fergus Falls, Claremont, CA for $1,150,000.  The 3,994 square foot home had 5 bedroom, 4.5 baths and sat on approximately 1.667 acres.  The beautiful home had a long driveway and mountain and valley views.  As stated, this sale was a short sale.  Chase was the homeowner’s lender.  Overall, negotiations with Chase went very well.  There were no issues other than the time period that Chase took processing the file.  However, the delay was not overly significant and did not upset or frustrate either the homeowner or the buyer.  This particular home received a lot of interest from both buyers and other local Realtors who were very eager to learn what the final approved sales price was going to be.  The homeowner could have chosen a Realtor that was more local but chose to use Michael Gaddis due to Michael Gaddis’ experience, contacts and resources within Chase.  It is important to remember that short sales are not automatic and require approval from the short sale lender.  Numerous issues can arise throughout the process which frustrate and create obstacles for inexperienced short sale Realtors.  Michael Gaddis encourages anyone seeking to short sell their house to interview at least 3 Realtors prior to deciding on one.  The Realtor that a homeowner chooses is going to be their guide through a rough time and homeowners need to have 100% confidence that their Realtor is fully capable of addressing and meeting head-on any issues or obstacles that might arise.  For a more detailed guide on how to select a short sale Realtor please read the following:  For more tips on short sales please read the following link:

In the end, although the homeowners were very sad to leave their home, they were extremely happy to have the whole ordeal behind them.  If you are thinking of short selling your home please free to contact Michael Gaddis at 888-242-2272 and let him be one of the 3 Realtors that you interview.

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