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San Diego Housing Market Update

From the San Diego Association of REALTORS (SDAR)

San Diego Housing Market Update Video Transcirpt

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This video is brought to you by the greater San Diego Association of Realtors and San Diego daily transcript rises and then what hi everybody George Chamberlin executive editor for the daily transcript/san it’s time for the scoop brought to you by the San Diego Association irv realtors were recording this I know Monday the 13th January and I’m joined by Leslie Kilpatrick the new president have STAR Leslie it’s great to see you thank you thank you so much what a great evening your installation dinner at aboard the midway was just a marvelous event you should be very happy and very proud I am absolutely delighted and I’m especially thrilled about the attention we’re bringing to getting more veterans and active duty military in homes in San Diego where you had a you had a great day person to succeed Linda Lee did a great job as president any year that was a real transition year I think for real estate absolutely was linda was a great leader put us on the stage internationally and she also have the opportunity to preside over one of the best years in real estate in a long time yeah so we’ll see what happens this time around but we are sort of ending the year we ended the year 2013 I think with some some very positive numbers as far as both home prices and a supply of homes inventories in transactions as well exactly we were great to see the recovery in prices and then what do it was great to see that but was also great to see more inventory coming onto the market giving more opportunity to buyers and sellers to move the properties they’d like to move are we seeing a point where where because I’ve appreciation at home prices people are now in a position where they are have enough equity in their homes that they are moving doing that move up sale again which was a big part of the previous market was in it absolutely yes the transitional buyer seller they have this opportunity now to sell their home that their in move-up upgrade or possibly move down to a lower price point or move to another area and that’s fantastic because people want to make these life changes and it’s great when the market supports it and we’re getting a first time buyer still looking at the market now our way yes and that little bit an increase in inventory makes a big difference to the first time buyers instead of having five six ten offers competing they have an opportunity to put a thoughtful offer in on home well as we look back on 2013 let’s take a look forward for your year as president i’ve STAR what r some other things that you have this kind of priorities I think one of the main priorities as discussed was to get veterans in homes but also to support our members and having a really great year and make sure that this a recovery continues in a way that’s good for san diego good for the country I think one of the things that’s interesting about STAR has been the increase in membership over the last year and I i have to assume that’s really going to continue India in the 2014 it’s astounding we had to increase our men our new member orientations and each one is %uh filled to the brim so we’re very excited to see people embracing real estate as a career and for me it’s been a fabulous one you know and I think another point that that is appropriate here is the fact that so many people assume now that that the home buyer does all of their work online and the the need for professional Realtor isn’t as much as it used to be I have to think it’s totally different I think it’s just the opposite of that absolutely information is available in huge amounts but the problem is having the knowledge so there’s lots of information which actually makes you need the guidance of someone who knows what it means more important bus lane that ties in with one of the events you have coming up at the end of January I every year brings a host of new laws and that applies to real estate as well see you provide this service to your to your members to come to a workshop a at the end of this month and learn a little bit about that absolutely in this is a great opportunity I was reflecting the other day I found the purchase contract my parents sign in 1967 it was one page all one-paragraph essentially describing the transaction and now eyes oversee files that are in this pic when someone’s buying a home so it’s critical to stay current and that’s part of the the service that’s provided by STAR for their members is to have this event so it’s coming up as I said the endeavor at the end of January informations on the website and we already have a lot of people signed up for this but even more expected so the more the merrier bring it on yeah and there’s going to be some really good people here conducting the workshop from by the State Bureau real estate and other things like that which is a a new department and some other things as well sourced look for here on the website all the information is available on that leslie again congratulations I really look forward to doing the scoop with you this year we have a lot of fun and be sharing a lot abiding really good news for the year thank you George always good to see a Leslie Kilpatrick the new president ever San Diego Association of Realtors I’m George Chamberlin have a great day everybody

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