San Elijo Hills Real Estate Market Update for January 2014

San Elijo Hills Real Estate Market Data

For January 14

San Elijo Hills real estate specialist, Michael Gaddis gives the neighborhood update including active listings, pending and sold homes using data for the previous month from the San Diego MLS.

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San Elijo Hills Real Estate Market Update Video Transcript

Hi I’m Michael Gaddis your San Elijo Hills real estate expert today.  I’d like to give you a market report on San Elijo Hills as a January 15 2014. I took the liberty of pulling all the market data that I could find from SANDICOR which is the San Diego County MLS. I pulled the data for active, contingent, and pending sales as well as sold sales from December 1st forward. So, the information I’m going to tell you is based upon criteria. As of January 15 there are 20 active listings on the market with the high being listed at $979,485 that is a 4,300 square foot home and the average being a 3,062 square foot home with list price: $755,600. The average active days on market so far is 72 days.

There three contingent listings in San Elijo Hills. For those of you who are unaware what contingent means, contingent means that some sort of approval is needed for the sale to go through. Now that typically means lender approval and those usually refer to short sales. That’s not a large amount of short sales so it definitely shows that there is a decrease in the amount of short sales not just in San Elijo Hills but in Carlsbad and throughout North County in general. The three contingent listings have a high list price is $849,900 for a 4,000 square foot, six bedroom home. The average of other contingent listings is $694,000 for a 3616 square foot home. Now I noticed there’s a big difference between the average active list price: and the average contingent list price: and that has to do a lot with the way that some agents and realtors in general handle short sales.  Sometimes they need to get people into the property relatively quickly. They might be facing a some sort of a Trustee Sale or other time constraints which forced them to maybe it was the property a little bit lower than what it should be but it’s interesting because the contingent listings at the average mark was 36 14 per 694 thousand whereas the actives are 3,000 square feet per 785 so that’s a pretty big discrepancy. The average days on market for the short sales was 216 days which, is not unusual for a short sale.

There are 20 pending listings in San Elijo Hills right now with a high pending listing is $q1,049,000 for a 3,672 square foot home.  It’s a five bedroom and five bathrooms.  The average pending listing is $772,524 for 2957 square feet.  If you notice the average the average pending listings in the average active listings match very closely the contingent listings are are kind out of whack which is again not unusual for a short sale situation but, it just shows you that the active listings tend to be on track with exactly what’s going into escrow.

There have been 12 sold listing since December 1st of last year and the average sold price has been $768,583. the average forest for 2,631 square  feet but also that number is fairly consistent with the active impending data as well with the exception that the average work but is a little bit lower I’m now the average price per square foot now the sold listings as is a a 307 dollars per square foot that’s that’s pretty good your average days on market is forty days so that is the market data or San Elijo Hills if you have need for more information please feel free to call my office at 760 692 950 are you can visit my website at Michael got a stock com or if you really want to you can come and visit me at my office at the towers address the ranch which is near the intersection of Palomar Airport Road and El Camino Real so thank you so much for taking the time to look at this market update now look forward to meeting in the future.

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