Rancho Del Oro Real Estate Market Update January 2014

Rancho Del Oro Real Estate Market Data

For January 2014

Get the latest real estate market information on Rancho Del Oro. Find out how many current listings there currently are in the desired Rancho Del Oro neighborhood of Oceanside, California. Find out if prices are increasing or decreasing and find out what homes are selling for right now. The real estate market data is analyzed from the San Diego SANDICOR MLS and presented by REALTOR and Oceanside real estate specialist, Michael Gaddis. To get more information or view one of the Rancho Del Oro homes for sale, call 760.487.8266 or email contact@MichaelGaddis.com.

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Hi this is Michael Gaddis, your Rancho Del Oro real estate expert. I prepared a market conditions report which I’d like to talk to you about for the Rancho Del Oro community now. The report has active, contingent, pending and sold listings from December 1st last year to January 23rd this year on kinda goes through intel’s  everyone from and numerical objective standard kind of what’s actually occurring in Rancho Del Oro. So as a break now there are 13 active listings in Rancho Del Oro. The average listing is 2,106 square feet. The average list prices four hundred ninety four thousand dollars and the average list price per square foot is 239 dollars a square. But the average market time so far as 27 days. So not a lot of activity as far as active listings are concerned in the community but still an reasonable amount. There are three contingent listings currently in Rancho Del Oro now. For those who do not know what a contention listing means contention listing is basically a short sale. It’s basically whenever as some sort of approval as is required whether it be lender court approval usually indicates a short sale. There are currently three in the Rancho Del Oro community. The average square foot love these are 2,113 square foot. The average list prices four hundred and one thousand dollars in the average list price per square foot is a hundred ninety dollars per square foot. Now if you notice the average list price per square foot for the active listings was 239 dollars a square but whereas the contingent listings are 192 dollar square, that’s very common throughout the county it’s very common for a short sales in contingent listings to be priced below what traditional or equity sales are selling. There are currently nine pending listings now pending listings our listings or there’s an 80 their neck with your traditional sale or short sales that have fallen your approval they move into the pending  listing status. So as far as the averages go on that the average home pending right now is 1865 square feet the average list prices four hundred forty-six thousand dollars  and the average list price per square foot is around two hundred forty dollars  per square foot which as I noted is it actually it’s within a dollar out. The average price per square foot for the active listings but again a significantly higher than the contingent listings just because the contingent listings kinda price per square foot 190. Two dollars doesn’t mean that they will necessarily close at that it could be that the bank account or back higher than what the list price was an end increasing the sold price per square foot. There are currently 18 sold listings which have sold between December 1st 2010 1  the president which generate 23rd now. This data is the data that is the most indicative of what’s going on in them and in the ranch in our community. Its you know because its actual closed sales and when it comes down to it doesn’t matter what your list for what you got investor for a hearing contention  it doesn’t matter in matters would actually sells for. So as far as this is concerned the average sold  property was 1,797 square feet the average list price for on the sold property was born thirty thousand the average list price per square foot was 242 are square foot.  Now with all that being said the most important that is next at which is  the sold price average sold price in the average sold price per square foot, so the average sold price was four hundred twenty seven thousand dollars  in the average sold price sold price: per square foot was 241 dollars. That’s pretty good. It’s very consistent almost exactly to the dollar  above what the active in pending listings are which are arrayed around  239 240  so the active pending and sold listings are coming in pretty solid around two hundred forty dollars or so spur  per square foot which is a very good price  and it’s very consistent so that probably you know based on your square footage roughly where your house would be going for right now in the Rancho Del Oro community. Sometimes people like to know roughly what the highest now the highest value house that sold for the home over the most amount of  money in Rancho Del Oro closed on December 13 2013. It was 4819  borough terrace and it was a four-bedroom three-bath  1999. square foot home and it’s sold for five hundred ten thousand dollars at the list price was 539 so it sold for in a less than what actually the list price was. But that was the highest price sale between the time periods that I am had mentioned to you. So again my name is Michael Gaddis. I am your Rancho Del Oro real estate expert. If you would like to talk to me or you have any questions or comments, please feel free to give me a call. You can contact me at area code 760-692 -5950 that 760-692 -5950 or you can visit my website at WWW.MichaelGaddis.com. Thank you so much and I look forward to meeting you in the future.

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