Rancho Carrillo Real Estate Market Update for February 2014

Rancho Carrillo Real Estate Market Data

For February 2014

Rancho Carrillo Real Estate Market Update Video Transcript

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Hi I’m Michael Gaddis, your Rancho Carrillo real estate expert.  oday I’d like to talk to you a little bit about the  current state the real state market in Rancho Carrillo  this is your February 2014  real state market day many of you have probably seen my associate well in your  neighborhood  passing out different types a information for you  please feel free to see a millionaire had to say hello is very nice  people died so as far as the ER  real state market is concerned there are currently four active listings in Rancho Carrillo  I the active listings average four bedrooms three baths  3,128 square feet have an average list price 866 thousand eight hundred and  fifty dollars  with an average list price per square foot 276 dollars  the average days on market for these listings is 28 days  there is currently 1 contingent listing  and Rancho Correa this listing has five bedrooms  for Basque 3,560 a square feet and is currently listed at 689 thousand dollars  it has an average list price per square foot a hundred ninety three dollars  and the average days on market for this listing is 270  days now I know right about now you guys are actually paying attention to the  data  I’m telling you you’re probably a mouse probably drop to the floor  because you realize that that price per square foot 193 dollars is fairly low specially for Rancho Carrillo real estate it’s also very low compared to the current active  listing  I don’t want anybody to panic about that 193 dollars less price per square foot  for the kitchen listings  because contingent listings typically prefer too short sales  continuously trip are some sort of approval heater core  our lender approval and typically refer as I mentioned to short sales  short sales well you should the price per square foot for short sales usually  significantly lower than what the other price per square foot to the other  categories that I talk to you about  the reason is that typically up  rail stations are just trying to get offers and as much as fast as they can  maybe because are facing foreclosure for whatever reason they might  feels necessary so the list price per square foot  and continued listings does not necessarily indicate what the  lender will actually improve the house for so just because  it’s listed at 689 doesn’t necessarily mean the lenders can agree to it so  don’t panic by that number  the real number we need to look at will come later when we talk about us  and its oldest categories so currently there are  or pending listings in Rancho Carrillo the solds average four bedrooms  for bass 3600 93 square feet  have a look average list price of one million 164,000  475 dollars with an average list price per square foot  a three hundred and ten dollars now you get excited by that number is that  number is significantly higher than  the indigenous price per square foot 193 dollars  and pending listings tend to be a little bit better indicator of whether true  value is  because they are pending they’re currently and as for a  now the ultimate indicator comes in the next column  now since January 1st this year there’s been one  home sold in Rancho 30 and when I’m referring to  did to us all Ironbridge  detached homes all the data that I’m talking to you about today  are detached they’re not town homes are not condos are not anything like that  they’re just strictly detached homes so since January first in this year  I there has been one saw  listing is better said listing was for bedrooms to bass  2,106 square feet at list prices 680,000  it sold for 665,000 with an average sold price per square foot  three hundred and fifteen dollars so it was on the market for  just six days so this whole preparation between salt priceless prices  ninety-seven percent so it’s pretty spot-on  and the average sold price per square foot 3 15 which is very close to what  the pending listings are  so that is good between ending listings in the so listings  is a and more accurate selection of what you know it you’re a home is probably  worth on our price: purse for  but basis so you know people typically want to know  what the highest homes that are currently selling for in your  neighborhood in which the highest wants all  so I will quickly go through that the  didn’t hurt the highest price currently listed in Rancho Carrillo  is 2817 curry away it’s a four bedroom  by battle 3,750 and square feet  and is currently listed at a million 9900  so just a smudge under 1.1 I’m it’s been on the market for one day so it was just  listed yesterday  and as far as the sole listing is concerned remember I told you there was  only one  I enacting a property a 63-49 for sale  espada that is a four bedroom two bath home with 2,106  where feet it was listed for 680,000  it’s all per 665,000 on January 31st  so again my name is Michael Gaddis I’m a  real estate broker a mortgage broker and an attorney  I if you would like to speak to me you if you have any questions or want to  speak to me  I you can I have call me at area code 760  619 5950 760  692 5950 are you can visit my website at www.MichaelGaddis.com or you can stop by my office which is just around the corner from Rancho Carrillo  at 6104 innovation way which is in the towers of Bressi Ranch off Palomar Airport Road  are you going to start my associate as I mentioned we’ll just say alone and  because he’s a very nice guy spent a lot of time in your area  so please feel free to talk to and perhaps bring in your groceries are  wash a car I don’t care and a I  other than that again, I am Michael Gaddis an attorney, a  mortgage broker and real  estate broker  and as always I give you more but, I don’t cost you more.

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