Open House Recount for 780 Aldea Dr. in Sonoma Hills of Oceanside, CA

On Saturday, May 11, 2013 I held an open house at 780 Aldea Dr. in Sonoma Hills.  The open house was very successful where 22 hopeful buyers visited the property. One group of prospects visited the open house with their real estate agent.  While his clients were viewing the property, the agent told me that he thought the property I was showing was overpriced.  I looked at him, smiled and said, “You think so?”

“Most definitely,” he replied.  He continued on that his clients were willing to make an offer on the property, but at a much lower price.  The agent then tried to convince me to take his clients offer.  Among his arguments were “it is a short sale, the owner is not getting anything out of it, why should he (the homeowner) care how much the house is sold for” and “the comps are not supporting your price” and “this house needs a lot of upgrades and work” and so on and so on.

My reply to the real estate agent was that I believed that the property was priced correctly based on the current market conditions, that I had a duty to try secure the highest and best price for my client, and that I was not willing to advise my client to accept a “low-ball” offer because that could negatively affect the values of other homes in this neighborhood.

I told the overconfident agent that I expected to have multiple offers and in a few days and all will know who was correct.  Within three days of the property being listed, I received multiple offers at or near the asking price.  The bottom line is that my goal as a Realtor is to sell my clients’ homes for the most possible, whether in a short sale or a traditional sale.  Factors, such as types of financing, come into play however, overall I have to look out for my clinets’ best interest no matter what other real estate “experts” say.

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