Oceanside Real Estate Market Update January 2014

Oceanside Real Estate Market Data

For January 2014

In this informative video, you’ll get the latest news in Oceanside real estate activity with this real estate market update video from Michael Gaddis, J.D. Realty Group. If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in Oceanside, Ca this information will help you know how to price your home correctly or plan a strategy in making an offer in the current market. Look for updated real estate updates for Oceanside every other month. For help with all your North County San Diego real estate needs call 760.487.8266 or email contact@michaelgaddis.com to let us know your situation.

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Hi I’m Michael Gaddis your local Oceanside real estate expert. The purpose in this video is to provide you with a market analysis our current market conditions report for Oceanside as a January 17 2014. So I took the liberty of pulling the data from San decor which is the MLS the Multiple Listing Service. I pulled all the active, contingent, pending and sold listings that occur between December 1st last year to January 17 2014. So the information going to discuss is based on criteria and that I selected in the information is from the data that I pull. Currently there are 153 active listings in Oceanside. The average square foot is 2,259 square feet. The average list price for those listings is 588,000  dollars  with an average list price per square foot 279 dollars a square. The average days on market for these active listing so far as fifty days. There are currently 45 contingent listings in Oceanside which is I think the highest amount of contingent listings in all of North County on I think Vista second so far now they have 32 be notions has 45 contingent listings are typically short sales. Their sales that require lender either lender court approval of some sort so it’s either probate type issue are typically a short sale that requires lender approval their conduct in a limbo status between being an active in a pending sale because there’s not usually accepted offer, but there has not been approval so it can officially going to ask Rhea some. On the 45 contingent listings the average square foot is 1800 E five square  be the average list price is 350 three thousand dollars in the average list price per square but is a hundred ninety nine dollars a square  but the average days on market is a 135 days which  that’s a big number 135 days but it’s not unusual considering. Short sales typically sit on the market longer than other sales. There are currently 124 pending listings on the MLS in Oceanside. The average square but those pending listings as 1962. square feet  the average list price is 518  thousand dollars in the average list price per square foot is two hundred seventy-five dollars a square for and the average days on market is 43 and  there have been a 137 sold listings in Oceanside since December 1st  2013. Now the sold distinct categories play the most important category could give you a pretty accurate flexion what’s going on from the objective standpoint from a numbers standpoint in Oceanside. Today let’s go through that data now, the average square foot the homes in Oceanside to have sold  was 1,847 square but the average list prices 466,000  the average list price per square foot is 257 dollars per square foot. Now the important data is what it actually sell for not what it was listed for what was a list price per square foot is what is the would itself or was the sold price per square foot. So the sold price the average sold price in Oceanside was four hundred fifty seven thousand dollars. The average sold price per square but worst 253 dollars a square. The average days on market was 37 days so the average price per square foot as I said was 253 which is slightly lower than what the active and pending price per square foot listing price per square foot is 275 279 but it just shows that there might be a little bit of an upper 12 upward toward a trend in the sales which hopefully they’ll close and bring up the values and in Oceanside. You know it also these the sales reflect winners sales in winter sales  are usually slower and not quite as you know optimized as you know maybe a late spring summer or early fall sale not due to the holiday season you know other reasons so it looks like things might be turning the corner for Oceanside a little bit in the future. If these things close the way they we think they should in if people are curious a lot of times what their most expensive listing that occur  that sold for during the time period that discussing. In this case you probably are not going to be surprised but the most expensive listing in Oceanside occurred at 496  South the Strand so it’s on the beach. It is sold for 2.69 five almost 2.7 million dollars. It was a five thousand 168 square but home it looks like a brand new house the 2013 2013 in a closed on December 2013 would’ve been a nice Christmas present for somebody. So again my name is Michael Gaddis and I’m your local Oceanside real estate expert. If you have any questions or comments would like to talk to me in the future,  please feel free to give me a call area code 760-692-5950 that 760-692-5950 or you can visit me at WWW.MichaelGaddis.com. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you in the future. Thank you.

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