Michael Gaddis Wins KFMB’s “The Real Estate Debate”!!!

Real Estate Debate

San Diego County real estate broker and licensed California attorney Michael Gaddis recently won a weekly debate called “The Real Estate Debate”.  The Real Estate Debate is a radio show hosted by Derrick Evens on 760AM KFMB.  The show airs on Sundays from 12:00PM until 1:00PM.  The concept of The Real Estate Debate is simple, four (4) San Diego area real estate professionals come together to debate topics related to the real estate industry.  Each episode consists of four (4) rounds that address various pre-prepared questions.  The debate is judged by an independent judge selected by Derrick Evens.

Michael Gaddis of Michael Gaddis, J.D. Realty Group won the weekly competition that aired on February 15, 2015.  The format of the show was as follows:

1.Segment 1:  Things you should and should not do when negotiating a real estate transaction

2. Segment 2:  Agree or Disagree:  It is smarter to remodel a bathroom vs. a kitchen

3. Segment 3:  Hot or Not-So-Hot:  Identify a specific micro-market in San Diego and provide support for the position

4.  Segment 4:  Favorite Listing of the Week

Derrick Evens is the perfect moderator for a show like The Real Estate Debate.  What makes Derrick special is the fact that in addition to being a gifted radio host he is very knowledgeable in both real estate and lending.  Derrick’s grasp of complex real estate concepts and transactional issues help to create a very dynamic debate setting.

The contestants of The Real Estate Debate are highly capable and knowledgeable real estate professionals.  Michael Gaddis’ competition came to the debate prepared, however, in the end, it was Michael Gaddis that prevailed.

The Real Estate Debate is a perfect show for anyone interested in issues related to real estate and is an excellent forum for those desiring to list or sell a house anywhere in San Diego County.  If you are seeking to buy or sell a house listening to various episodes of The Real Estate Debate is a great way to “interview” a real estate professional.  By listening to real estate professionals talk amongst their peers about various real estate topics buyers and sellers will be better able to select what type of agent they want representing them.

To view Carlsbad Realtor, Michael Gaddis in action on the February 15, 2015 episode of The Real Estate Debate click on the video above.

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