Michael Gaddis appears on CW6’s San Diego Living to Discuss Representing Buyers in a Real Estate Transaction

Michael Gaddis of Michael Gaddis, J.D. Realty Group appeared on CW6’s San Diego Living this morning to discuss the importance of obtaining quality representation in a real estate transaction.  The interview was conducted by Heather Myers.  During the interview Michael Gaddis noted that buying a home is something that most people due a limited amount of time during their lives, usually 2-3 times.  Since purchasing a home is such a huge transaction it is extremely important that buyers select a representative to assist them that is knowledgeable, communicative, possesses superior negotiation skills and is able to handle and address any crisis that might occur during the course of a real estate transaction.  With improvements to technology such as navigation systems and easily accessible information databases, the need for a “local” buyer representative is diminished and is being replaced by the need for a top-notch guide through the real estate buying process from A-Z.  Michael Gaddis pointed out that helping a buyer locate a property is just the beginning of the buying process.  The bulk of the work is in the offer presentation, negotiation process, inspections, filling out real estate paperwork, filling out escrow paperwork, etc.  Buyers should really look for a real estate agent that can provide them with the service they deserve.  Heather Myers asked Michael Gaddis if the buyers have to pay for a real estate agent to help them.  Michael Gaddis stated that real estate agents are usually paid by the Seller and that there should be no out of pocket costs to the buyer.  Buyers are free to pick whatever real estate agent they want to represent them during the transaction so Michael Gaddis recommended that buyers  really think about what type of real estate agent they want to represent them.  Michael Gaddis pointed out that in his legal practice over 50% of the calls that he receives from buyers already in a real estate transaction pertain to dissatisfaction with their real estate representation.  In short, many buyers do not feel that their real estate agent really fights for them or has their best interests in mind.  This is especially the case when the buyer’s real estate agent is also representing the Seller.  Michael Gaddis noted that “dual agency” is tough because it is difficult for a real estate agent to be 100% committed to both the buyer and the seller.  Dual agency is really tested when a crisis or disagreement occurs during the real estate transaction.  It is during these times that most buyers feel like their real estate agent is not fighting hard enough for them.

CW6 05-30-2014

Michael Gaddis is a real estate broker, licensed California attorney and NMLS licensed mortgage broker.  These 3 skill sets provide Michael Gaddis’ clients with the knowledge, experience, negotiation skills and ability to properly deal with conflict that the average real estate agent does not possess.  Michael Gaddis is a powerful and zealous advocate for a buyer to have on their side.  Since Michael Gaddis is paid by the Seller through the transaction, buyers can obtain all of Michael Gaddis’ skills and services for, literally, no money out of their pocket.  There simply is no better choice for real estate buyers than Michael Gaddis.

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