I Am Looking For Hardworking Real Estate Professionals To Join My Team

MGRG LOGOWhen I started my company, Michael Gaddis, J.D. Realty Group (“MGJDRG”), I made a point of creating a boutique real estate company dedicated to making every one of my clients feel like a millionaire.  When I began selling real estate in 2004, I had already been an attorney for 7 years.  I did not come from a sales background, I came from a background of research, efficiency and fiduciary responsibilities.  I quickly realized that real estate professionals selling luxury properties provided a higher level of service to their clients.  While I understood why real estate agents catered so much to their high end clients, what I did not understand is why that same level of service and commitment could not be extended to clients who were not “millionaires”.  I felt that the non-millionaires real estate transaction was just as important as the millionaire transactions.  So I established MGJDRG with a commitment to making everyone feel like a millionaire.

Due to my background I demand a lot of the real estate agents that work for me.  I provide extensive training and spend a lot of time with each one of them.  In return, I look for real estate agents that 1) have the capacity to learn 2) are open to new ideas and concepts 3) are coachable 4) are articulate 5) present themselves professionally 6) are responsible and, most, importantly, 7) are driven, self motivated individuals.  I feel that real estate agents that work for MGJDRG are reflections of me and, thus, I look for real estate agents that will make me proud.  I am not worried as much about experience because I can teach them what needs to be done.  I have an open door policy with all of my real estate agents.  I am in the office nearly 60 hours a week and my goal is to support them in any manner that they need.  I tend to be more involved and interactive with my agents than most brokers.

So if you are a real estate agent thinking of making a change; are a new real estate agent that fits the description above; or know of a real estate agent that might be a good fit for a professional boutique real estate company please have them contact me.

I can be reached at 760-692-5950 or by email at Michael@MichaelGaddis.com.

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