Looking for an Encinitas Realtor?

Looking for an Encinitas Realtor?Looking for an Encinitas Realtor? Look no further.

If you are looking to sell your home and are currently looking for an Encinitas Realtor you should read the rest of this article.  Encinitas is a very upscale, diverse community and homeowners in Encinitas deserve quality representation when selling their home.  The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that not all Realtors are created the same. Realtors have different levels of experience, specialize in different types of real estate, service different areas, have different education backgrounds, have different marketing tactics, handle stressful situations differently, etc.  When looking for an Encinitas Realtor it is important to try and interview at least 3 Realtors in order to determine who is best suited to work with you in procuring the highest possible offer for your home as well as guiding you through the complex legal aspects of the real estate transaction.  Since the sale of a home is usually the largest financial transaction that most homeowners are involved in during his/her life it is extremely important to feel confident that you picked the best real estate professional to assist you.  You do not want to be sitting at a table regretting your choice for a Realtor as you are asked to sign an overwhelming amount of legal documents.  The following are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an Encinitas Realtor to help you sell your home:

1.  What is the educational background of the Realtors? As mentioned above not all Encinitas Realtors are created the same.  Do not be afraid to ask your Realtor about his/her educational background.  Some Realtors have high school educations, some have college degrees and some have graduate or professional degrees.  Since selling your home involves more than just finding the highest and best offer but also involves complex legal documents you might want to consider retaining a Realtor that has as much education as possible.  Afterall, if a Realtor possessing and MBA or law degree charges the same as a Realtor with just a high school or college degree why in the world would you not choose the Realtor with more education?  If each of the Realtors are equally capable of selling your house who would you rather have on your team when signing legal documents or when disagreements occur between you and the Buyer.

encinitas broker and realtor2.  Stay away from using Realtors that are family or friends.  Friends and family are great but business is business.  Make no mistake about it, selling a home is a business transaction.  It is best to keep relationships just that.  Too many times financial or legal issues arise during a transaction that could cause friction between a Realtor that is also your friend or memeber of your family.  Rest assured everyone (including friends that you did not even know that you had) will offer to help sell your house.  Even if you consider using a family or friend as your Realtor do yourself a favor and interview at least 2 additional Encinitas Realtors that are not related to you.

3.  Stay away from gimmicks and guarantees.  When interviewing Encinitas Realtors try and stay away from Realtors that try and sell your their services utilizing “slick” gimmicks and/or guarantees that seem too good to be true.  These types of tactis should indicate the level of desparation and/or “real estate mill” that is being operated by the Realtor.  You would be better served by locating a professional Encinitas Realtor that has your best interests in mind not one whose primary purpose is get as many clients as possible.

4.  Marketing Over 90% of buyers seeking to purchase a home begin their journey on the Internet.  The Internet has really evened the playing field for Encinitas Realtors.  In the past, large, nationally-known real estate companies had a slight advantage due to their ability to market listings in their company’s marketing materials.  However, since the Internet is the primary marketing venue in today’s world that advantage has been extinguished.  Make no mistake about it, either the Internet or the local multiple listing service will aide significantly in procuring a buyer for your home.  Remember, procuring a buyer is just one aspect of selling your house.  Guideing you through the legal labrynth is the majority of the work that a Realtor does for you.

5.  Large Real Estate Companies Do not select a Realtor based solely on the fact that the Realtor works for a large real estate company.  Nearly any Realtor can work for one of those companies as long as they agree to the companie’s compensation plan and are willing to pay the assocaited desk fee.  Do not assume that just because the Realtor works for one of these companies that the Realtor is a better agent or more knowledgeable.  During your interview process make sure that you do not exclude Realtors just because you are not familiar with the Realtor’s company.  You might be excluding a very qualified Realtor that will provide you with incredible service.

6. Non-Refundable Marketing Fees Unless you own a multi-million dollar home that is going to require unusual and extravagant marketing to attract a special type of buyer ($8M+ home) you should not agree to a non-refundable marketing fee.  Some Realtors will agree to front the marketing costs for these types of homes but if you cancel the agreement then you agree to pay them for their marketing expenses.  That is fair considering you are the one that cancelled the listing.  However, if the listing expires naturally and you decide to switch Realtors you should not have any financial liability for the Realtor’s failed marketing of your property.

7.  Personality Every Encinitas Realtor has a different personality and it is important to find one that is the best match for you.  Many homeowners that rush to select a Realtor without performing due dilligence come to regret their choice by the end of the transaction.  You need to find a Encinitas Realtor that is aggessive yet meshes well with your personality.  The worst thing you can do is to retain a super agressive Realtor that becomes pushy with you, the client.

8.  Interview Multiple Realtors Even if you think you have a specific Encinitas Realtor in mind do yourself a favor and interview at least one more Realtor.  If nothing else you might get some ideas from the experience.  Too many homeowners just jump into listing agreements and later regret their choice.  Even Realtors you have worked with in the past might not be the best choice for your current situation.  Try and meet with 2, if not 3, different Realtors before making your final decision.

9.  Do Not Let a Realtor Push You into Entering a Listing Agreement Until You are Ready Selling a house is about you, the homeowner,  Do not let a Realtor rush you into entering a Listing Agreement until you are 100% ready.  Many Realtors will show up to your house with the Listing Agreement ready to sign.  These Realtors push so hard that sometimes you might feel that you are actually dealing with a used car salesman.  Take your time and never make an impulse decision.  Selling a house can be stressful and picking the wrong Realtor can only exacerbate that stress.

10.  Beware of Realtors That Tell You Only What You Want to Hear Realtors should be professional and should not be afraid to challenge you.  For Example, if you think your house should sell for $1,000,000 a Realtor believing that your value is too high should not be afraid to explain why you might be overestimating the value.  Some Realtors will play along just to get the listing knowing full well that you will have to drop the price eventually in order to sell the property.  These Realtors, knowing that you are pricing your house too high, will use your house as a marketing tool to procure other listings in your area.  The reality is that your Realtor should not be afraid to voice an opinion that might be contrary to what you think.

Choosing the right Encinitas Realtor can be crucial to not only successly selling your home but also to the overall sales experience.    Whether you are located in Olivenhain, Leucadia, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, New Encinitas or Old Encinitas, if you are considering listing your house  take the time to interview Michael Gaddis, J.D. a real estate broker and licensed California attorney.  You can contact Michael Gaddis at 888.242.2272 or by email at contact@michaelgaddis.com.




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