La Costa Oaks Real Estate Market Update January 2014

La Costa Oaks Real Estate Market Data

For January 2014

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Hi this is Michael your La Costa Oaks real estate expert. This is the market conditions report from the period December 1st 2013 through today which is January 23rd 2014. I have to gone on to the SANDICOR Multiple Listing Service and pulled off sets of data to try to get kind of a numerical idea of what’s going on from the objective standpoint in the La Costa Oaks. The good thing is this is not subject as I mentioned as objective so this market report doesn’t necessarily take into consideration the differences and houses are what your house might have in this house might not is just a basic objective overview based upon other numbers. So currently in La Costa Oaks there are nine active listings the average square footage for the active listings in La Costa Oaks is 3600 57 square feet the average list price is 1.1 million dollars are just a little bit about that the average list price per square foot is 305 dollars a square for the average days on market is 66 days. So currently things are sitting there a little bit longer but that’s to be expected with the timing year being winter and you know with the holidays just passing. There are currently a pending listings in the La Costa Oaks on with an average a square footage a 3,450 to square feet the average list prices 858 thousand dollars and the average list price per square foot is 249 dollars a square. It’s interesting because if you look at the numbers the average active listing price per square foot is 305 dollars whereas the average pending listing is 249 dollars, so there’s a big difference between the two abandoned during this period of time we’ve only had one house close and the house that closed was four thousand 337 square feet. It sold for just over a million dollars $1 million seventy nine thousand dollars their list price per square foot it I’m sorry that was the list price: over the house the list price: work but it was two hundred forty eight dollars per square foot the sold price in this is the most important to pieces of data because it really gives us an indication that based upon one sale really doesn’t tell us overly that much he is. The sole price was 1,050,000 with a sold by price per square foot 242 dollars a square but so it’s at 97 percent between what the list price was in the final. So price is pretty close in the number up to 42 matches fairly close to what the pending listings are currently listed at. However the nine active listings that are currently being on you know marketed right now are significantly higher, so that kinda shows you that you know the market might be you know heating up a little bit here in late spring and early summer then we might be able to get the price is up there if we can get some buddies are higher price per square foot house is sold. The house that closed. In case anybody is interested was located 7392 CD olena and it closed on December 6th 2013. So this has been the look %ah stokes market report for the period of time from December 1st 2013 through January 23rd 2014. My name is Michael Gaddis if you have any more questions or would like to speak to me in any way you can get you can call me at my phone at 760 692 5950 that 760 692 5950 or you can I visit my website at WWW.Michael or you can visit me in my office. My office is located in the towers address the ranch which is just about of Palomar Airport Road El Camino Real so feel free to come and drop by anytime and to ask me any question that you might have. Other than that, thank you for taking the time to watch this La Costa Oaks real estate market report.


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