La Costa Oaks Homes for Sale and Market Update

La Costa Oaks Homes for Sale and Market Update

For February 2014

La Costa Oaks Real Estate specialist, Michael Gaddis, shares market data for the La Costa Oaks neighborhood, from the Sandicor MLS. Discover what homes are selling for, how many homes are listed as well as the average cost per square foot in the area. For help with La Costa real estate call 760.487.8266 or email today.

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La Costa Oaks Homes for Sale and Market Update Video Transcript

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I’m hi I’m Michael Gaddis your La Costa Oaks real estate expert today I’d like to talk to you a little  bit about  the market and La Costa Oaks homes for sale currently on the market. This is your February 2014  real estate market update currently there’s a lot  a activity in my casa Oaks actually there’s a lot more activity in the Casa  ok stand saying press the ranch  are Rancho Korea currently there are 10  active listings in La Costa Oaks the average listing in the cost active  listing  La Costa Oaks is for veterans 4 baths  with 03820 square feet the average list price  for an active listing in La Costa Oaks is 1 million  171,000 and ninety dollars  the average list price per square foot is  304 dollars I forgot to mention  that the data that I’m calling for this particular report  comes from Sandy for which is the San Diego County Multiple Listing Service  data that I whole as far as the clothes listings occurred from January 1st  2014 and chill January 18  2014 I just wanted to make sure you guys were  where and getting this data currently there is one in contention  listing  in La Costa Oaks now for those of you who do not know what a contingent listing is  a contingent listing is a listing that require some sort of approval  I her from a  court or from a lender typically they refer to short sales  so right now there is one contention listing  and Lacoste Oaks the average  will not the average since it’s the only this particular listing has 3 bedrooms 3  baths  3,132 square feet is currently listed for 700 eighty nine thousand dollars  and has an average list price per square foot 252 dollars per square for  currently there are six pending listings  and cost Oaks these  listings average four bedrooms or bats  3,000 612 square feet  with an average list price 920 1,133 dollars  an average list price per square but 254 dollars per square foot  the average days on market for these pending listings is 26 days  currently there are  have been for sold listing since January 1st at this year  to February 18 these average these are sold listings  average three bedrooms or bass 3,340 times square feet  and having to average list price 824 thousand  800 dollars the average list price per square foot  is 248 dollars at 95 cents  the average list price in this our apps are so low prices been  826 1500 so  actually in this particular situation the average sold price is higher than  the average list price so  to the houses are coming in at a 101 percent of  I ratio between so price in this price so the average sold price per square  foot which is the most important indicator a value  is 249 dollars a square for  now this is interesting because this is very consistent with the pending  I’m but and actually it’s actually consistent with the contention as well  so  contingent pending and the sold price per square foot a relatively the same  however the active price per square foot is ringing in at  the average active is  300 and  four dollars a square foot so there’s a significant difference between the price  per square foot for any  active listings and for the contention  ending and so listing so what does that tell us what that tells us the active  listings are priced  higher than what’s been selling and what is currently in the pipeline to sell  so the prices are getting pushed up per square foot a little bit now these  these house still have to close so just because the active price per square foot  is  years you know forty seven dollars forty eight dollars higher than the average  sold price  it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re actually going to sell for that  it just means that when they’re currently being marketed for so  now some people in these reports like to know what the  current hi dollar houses are for active and sold listings  so I can give you an idea of what the current height listing is and what the  current so listing as  so currently in the cost Oaks the  highest misting is 7349  court a Antonio Court that is a four-bedroom  forbade 4,000 178 square foot home  currently listed in a range listing %uh 1.5 to 1.6 $9.9 million  it’s been on the market for a 108 day so it’s been sitting there for quite a  while  and it hasn’t they have reduced or increased their prices been  it’s been studying the entire time so as far as the sole listing as concern  the highest sold listing that has occurred since January 1st  this year to February 18 was 3415  3415 court a ASEAN I’ll  which is a four bedroom four bath 3400 any nine square foot home  that was listed for 900 89,000 and sold for 946 thousand  on February 11 tough this year it was on the market for 16 days so it’s all  pretty quick but it also sold for a lot less than what they must it for  so again my name is Michael Gaddis  this has been your February 2014  real estate market update report for Rancho Korea  up if you have any questions or would like to stay speak to me further  are you can’t make a call me at my office 760  692 5950  you may visit my website at you may also I come by my office which is just around the corner  I from low-cost Oaks I is located at my house located at 6104 Innovation way in the towers oppressing ranch  just of Palomar Airport Road and out remember  my name is Michael Gaddis I’m a lawyer a real estate broker and mortgage broker  I give you more but it doesn’t cost you more.

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