La Costa Greens Real Estate Market Update January 2014

La Costa Greens Real Estate Market Data

For January 2014

Get the latest real estate market information on La Costa Greens Real Estate. Find out how many current listings there currently are in the desired La Costa Greens neighborhood of Carlsbad, California. Find out if prices are increasing or decreasing and find out what homes are selling for right now. The real estate market data is analyzed from the San Diego SANDICOR MLS and presented by REALTOR and Broker Michael Gaddis. To get more information or view one of the La Costa Greens homes for sale, ca;; 760.487.8266 or email

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Hi I’m Michael Gaddis your La Costa Greens real estate expert. This is a real estate market report for La Costa Greens from the period of time a December 1st 2013 through January 23rd 2014. I take some data at a San decor which is the Multiple Listing Service. I’ve taken out the active, sold, contingent and pending listings and I have prepared some numerical data which I want to share with you. Hopefully this objective look from a numerical standpoint we give you kinda a reasonable basis by which to you kinda get an idea of where your house might be valued now. Remember this is an objective numerical analysis not necessarily a subjective on analysis based upon the individual quality are amenities that your house may or may not have. So based upon that, there are currently nine active listings in La Costa Greens. The average square footage for a house in the Costa Greens currently is 3,990 three square feet. The average list price in the Costa Greens 1.27 million and the average list price per square foot is 320 dollars a square foot. The average days on market is 22 and that is not a very a big number compared to a lot of other communities so that kinda indicates that things seem to be moving  you know quite well. Three low-cost greens currently there are currently two pending listings  in in La Costa Greens. I’m did they are averaging a square footage wise 3,530 square feet  there list price: is averaging just a little over a million a million 72,000  and the list price per square foot is 304 dollars a square foot. The average days on market 29 day so that’s not a  lot of time. I’m so that the houses are moving pretty quickly. I’m there are currently seven sold listings in the Costa Greens on the average house that sold between the time period December 1st 2013 in January 23rd 2014. The average  a square footage was 2,952 square feet. The average list price was 800 88,000  the average list price per square foot was three hundred and nine dollars. Now the important data all that dad is important however the most important data in this whole report is the sold price per square foot so the average sold price during this time period is 850 3,780 five dollars  the average sold price per square foot is 298 dollars. So the ratio between the sold price unless prices at 96 percent which is  pretty good. It means that people are getting pretty much what they want for it with a very  reasonable up you know margin so the average price per square foot is probably pretty solidly around $298 dollar square somewhere between 298 and 310, depending on what you  may or may not have and in your house. Now you notice that the average listing price per square foot is 327  people trying to get a little bit more for their house.  I’ll and which is fine I’ll  it in India the list price for the sold listings could have been slightly down  just due to the nature the time period that they were being sold in you know December is traditionally a slower time in the market and houses  don’t send a cell for quite as much due to Eunice the laws of supply and demand. So I’m that’s kind of what’s going on there the house that sold for the most in the area was located at  I is that is 6783  onyx place that once sold  it was a four-bedroom 2.5-bath home 4,000 193 square feet  and with a list price of one point 339 million in its all for 1.27 million  on December 2nd 2030. So that hopefully we’ll give you kinda on an idea as to what’s going on in the Costa Greens as I mentioned based on the numerical data. There you know the price per square foot for a house is probably around you know  hovering above $300 plus or minus you know, so it’s very close to that. Hopefully you found this my real estate market update is helpful. If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to contact me  you can call me at area code 760 692  5950 that 760 6925 950  are you can visit my website at WWW.Michael, or if you’re in the area you can stop by my office which is located  in now the towers at rest the ranch a near the intersection at El Camino Real  and Palomar Airport Road. Feel free to stop by 6104 innovation way, other than that thank you for taking the time to watch this video and I look forward to meeting you in the future home.

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