La Costa Greens Homes for Sale and Real Estate Market Update

La Costa Greens Homes for Sale and Real Estate Market Update

For February 2014

La Costa Greens Homes for SaleLa Costa real estate specialist, Michael Gaddis, discusses the state of the market in La Costa Greens neighborhood, including La Costa Greens homes for sale, recent sold homes, as well as average cost per square foot of the homes in the area. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell in La Costa Greens, this information can help you plan your real estate strategy. For help or questions about La Costa Greens real estate or other La Costa neighborhoods call 760.487.8266 today to speak with an area specialist.

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La Costa Greens Homes for Sale and Real Estate Market Update Video Transcript

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I’m Michael Gaddis, your La Costa Greens real estate expert. Today I’d like to talk to you a little bit about the current state of the real state market in La Costa Greens this is your February 2014 real estate market update all the data in this market update was taken from Sandicor which is the  San Diego County Multiple Listing Service the sold at I’ll be referring to  occurred between the period January 1st 2014  until February 18 2014 currently  in La Costa Greens there are 11 active listings  the average I home that is currently active has 4 bedrooms  five bass three thousand nine hundred and forty-six square feet  and is currently listed for 1.22 million dollars  the average list price per square foot is 307 dollars  hurt me in the La Costa Greens there is one  pending listing pending listing  is has five bedrooms  five bass 4300 16 square feet  and is currently listed for 1.29 nine million dollars  which is just a little bit over three hundred dollars a  per square foot as far as well as prices cancer there are no contingent La Costa Greens homes on the market right now  Contingent listings refer to short sales now some other active listings might be  short sales but the data that I call from Sandicor is not necessarily  indicate that  I but they could be but right now there are no contingent listings  so as far as sold listings are concerned there have been two sold listings in the neighborhood since January 1st and I’m referring to the listings are trying to  detach talents not  attached to a town homes or anything like that I’m just referring strictly  detached homes  there have been two sold homes these homes average  four bedrooms 4 baths 2,791 square feet  with an average list price eight hundred and thirty-seven thousand dollars  an average list price per square foot 299 dollars  square for the average sold price is 840 1,250  with an average sold price per square foot  up 301 dollars now that 301 dollars’s works basically  current market value a home is 301 dollars per square foot  so I sometimes people like to know  roughly what the which homes are selling for the highest amount the current  active home I at current active listing the home with the highest listing now  is and will be here in a second  it is I  68-63 tanzanite drive it’s a five-bedroom  six path property with four thousand seven hundred and forty five square feet  it’s currently listed at one point six ninety five million dollars and has been  listed forty seven days  now this home just at a price drop so it’s whatever they had it listed  or reports now dropped I’m as far as sold listings are concerned the  highest sold listing since January 1st was  I am 6937 called place  I in iOS four bedrooms for bass anna has 2,838 square feet  is I had a list prices 829 thousand dollars  and Salter 840 two thousand five hundred dollars  on January 17 it was on the market for only six days  so in fact the other house that sold very close to that and had very  a similar numbers it was a four bedroom four bath 2,745 square foot all  with a list price is 800 45,000 sold for  840,000 just here and I February 6  so they sold a very very close together I am as far as the price and  size up these homes so again my name is Michael Gaddis  if you would like to speak to you have any questions for me  you can call me al at my office at area code 760  619 5950 760  619 5950 you can visit my website at or you can stop by my office which is located in the towers oppressing branch off Palomar Airport Road which is not too far away from casting earnings  so again my name is Michael Gaddis I am A an attorney  real estate broker and mortgage broker and  as always I give you more but it doesn’t cost you more.

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