Join Us for Our July Real Estate Webinar


YOUR Questions Answered on Real Estate, Short Sales, Foreclosure, & Loss Mitigation

Thursday, July 25 – 4:00 PM PST

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Free Loan Modification and Foreclosure Information

Your Host, MIchael Gaddis, J.D.

 Michael Gaddis, J.D., Real Estate Broker and California Attorney, hosts a monthly live web seminar to answer YOUR questions about real estate, foreclosure avoidance, the short sale process, and loss mitigation strategies. Register now to get your specific questions answered from a legal and real estate professional with a decade of experience and over 100 successful short sales and 1000 loan modifications under his belt.

This 1-hour session is in a  pure question and answer format where the attendees are encouraged to bring their specific  scenario inquiries to the table. Attendee questions stear the session discussion. You can remain anonymous and still get the information you need without the pressure, expense, and hassle of going to an attorney or real estate office.  Although a solutions to every problem is not guaranteed,  Michael Gaddis will shed light on your circumstance and give you the resources to move in the right direction. Don’t stress, take the steps to get to a better place by educating yourself and getting answers. Register Now.


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