Finding the Best Listing Agent

Finding the Best Listing Agent

Why Go with the Pros?
Selling your home can be a stressful proposition, whether you’re relocating, movin’ on up, or you just took a bath on the NASDAQ. Working with a good listing agent is probably the single most effective way to ease your anxieties as you enter the marketplace.

You may be hoping to save commission dollars by going the “fizzbo” (For Sale By Owner, or FSBO) route. Seller, know thyself: Successful fizzbos take time, dogged commitment, and a thorough understanding of financial and legal issues (such as terms for financing and disclosures), contracts and your local real estate market.

At first glance, using a listing agent does take some cream off the top of your net profit (typically 4 to 8 percent of selling price), but a good agent is worth his fee—saving you from common pitfalls that could actually cost more, such as under- or overpricing your home, costly work orders, or even lawsuits. (Don’t take our word for it, this article snippet is from MSM Real Estate.)

10 Reasons to Have Michael Gaddis, J.D. Represent You As Your Listing Agent

  1. Michael Gaddis is a real estate broker, mortgage broker and licensed California attorney
  2. He is a trained negotiator whose skills have been honed through his years in college, law school, as a corporate transaction attorney and as a real estate broker.
  3. He  provides the highest quality of service and representation to each of his clients
  4. Michael Gaddis equipped with expert training and years of experience to effectively manage nearly any issue that might arise during a real estate transaction making it a smooth process for you
  5. As an attorney, Michael Gaddis is adept at communicating clearly and providing advice and guidance regarding the array paperwork associated with real estate transactions
  6. Michael Gaddis has a decade of experience representing Sellers in equity sales, short sales, and REOs (bank owned properties)
  7. Michael Gaddis and his seasoned team is fully committed to ensuring that the Seller’s sales experience is as smooth as possible
  8. MIchael’s Team includes in-house professional marketing team to custom market your property and get it sold as quickly as possible
  9.  Michael Gaddis treats his clients with the level of care, attention, and communication one would give their most revered family member.
  10. Michael Gaddis is committed to helping Sellers acquire the highest and best market price for their homes

Schedule Consultation with Michael Gaddis, Top Listing Agent, Today and Get Your Home SOLD.

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