Escondido Street Faire Recap were blowing, sun was shining, and the smell of kielbasa was in the air. The Escondido Street Faire was both a hit and a delight. We opened up shop on Grand and Escondido Blvd around 9:00AM. Michael Gaddis, and three of his dedicated team members were in high spirits as they hung banners and placed helpful flyers in range of passerby eyes.

At the last street fair we went to, a neighboring vendor was handing out free balloons to kids and boy, were they popular. We wanted to be the popular kid on our booth block, so we did the balloon thing, handing out in the range of 300 plus gold and black Michael Gaddis, helium balloons. We handed them kids and families for free, well, many of them paid us with smiles and giggles.

As if filling balloons and tying ribbon didn’t keep us busy enough, we had the opportunity to speak with several Escondido home owners in need of advice. Some had questions on whether it’s a good time to sell, others had questions about taxes on a home as an inheritance. The inquiries vary but the reason we come out is because Michael loves to meet people face to face to do what he can to shed light on real estate conundrums.

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We had a fantastic day meeting and interacting with the people of Escondido and look forward to our next street fair appearance at the RB Alive Festival, on June 2nd, in Rancho Bernardo. If you missed this one, come see us there.

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