Carlsbad Real Estate Market Update January 2014

Carlsbad Real Estate Market Update

January 2014

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Michael Gaddis, your local Carlsbad real estate expert. This is the December 2013 real estate market update for Carlsbad. I took the time to analyze the data for Carlsbad as a December 18 2013. One other things that struck me was no matter what section of Carlsbad I looked at there were many, many , many, many price drops in the area. A fact that I’m not overly surprised about for a couple reasons.

One, December is traditionally a very slow season to sell your house due to the holidays, due to the cold, due to the fact that people don’t want to move, their children change schools at this time of the year. And two, because we’re coming off a mini little housing boom that occurred in the summer and might fall this year, prices are kind of coming down a little bit more to reality than what they were earlier in the year when there is a significant demand for these homes and you’re getting little bidding wars here and there on properties, even from investors who are coming in at or above the asking price which is a little bit unusual.

Just a little bit data for you related to Carlsbad as a whole, as a today December 18 there a 167 active listings on the market and there are 19 contingent listings. That’s an interesting fact because contingent listings are typically short sales so what this tells me is that in Carlsbad as a whole there are only 19 or potentially 19 short sales going on, which is a significantly lower number than at this time last year. So it seems like in a short sales for whatever reason are becoming fewer and fewer. There are 95 pending listings and there were a 108 sold listings from November 1st to date.

A little information about the averages. The average home on the market is 2,828 square feet. The average list price for that home is a million forty-two thousand dollars. The average list price per square foot is 361 dollars. In the average sold price per square foot is 325 dollars per square foot. That’s a, you know about 38 or 30-something dollar difference per square foot between the list price and sold price per square foot. The average sold price in Carlsbad is seven hundred ninety-eight thousand, so if you look at the average list price a million 42,000 versus 798,000 for the sold  price. That’s a fairly large difference. People usually like to know what the highest price a home listed in Carlsbad is and the answer right now 5305 Carlsbad Boulevard is the highest price home in Carlsbad. It is listed on the MLS at $29 million dollars and it’s a 12,000 square-foot, 5 bedroom and 9 bath home right on the cliff above the ocean. It’s a fantastic location.

The highest price of home sold since November 1st in Carlsbad was 1.39 million and that was 241 date Avenue in 92008. That was 3,252 square foot, 5 bedrooms and 4 baths home. So Carlsbad is still relatively active place even for the month of December, which is a little different than some of the other areas around North County. Little bit off topic, on my way to work this morning, my daughter was complaining. She was six. She was complaining about the weather being so warm saying that month of December the weather should be cold not warm to which I told her that I was extremely happy that the weather is warm and that was the reason I moved from Kansas City Missouri to Carlsbad forty years ago.

So in a nutshell that’s your Carlsbad market update for December 2013. I’m going to attempt to do the video like this to give you some general information once a month so you can look for these videos on my website at

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