Carlsbad Real Estate Market Update for February 2014

Carlsbad Real Estate Market Data

For February 2014

Get the most recent updates on the Carlsbad real estate market. Information given is taken directly from the Sandicor MLS including active listings, recently sold homes, and pending listing. Carlsbad Realtor, Michael Gaddis explains what these numbers indicate in the market. For help with Carlsbad Real Estate call 760.487.8266 or email today.

Carlsbad Real Estate Market Update Video Transcript

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Hi, I’m Michael Gaddis your Carlsbad real estate expert today I’d like to talk to you a little bit about what’s going on in the market in Carlsbad I pull data from San decor which is the San Diego County Multiple Listing Service I hold active contingent ending and sold listings were sold listings occurring between January first 2014 to today which is February 18 2014 in I’m now going to talk to you a little bit about the data so this is your February 2014 Carlsbad real estate market update in Carlsbad there are currently 160 active listings these listings averaged three bedrooms three bass with three thousand 239 square feet and have your average list price 1.4 million dollars with an average list price per square foot 404 dollars per square but an average market time 48 days on market: now this number these numbers are actually skew probably considerably by the high dollar active listing currently in Carlsbad which is a seven-bedroom 9 bath 12,000 square-foot all that’s currently listed for $29 million dollars it has an average list price per square foot up 2,416 dollars that house five ways been on the market for 260 days so that though the number that the numbers are probably skewed upward from by that particular listing there are currently 11 contingent listings in Carlsbad now that actually quite a remarkable number for those of you who do not know what a a I’m a contingent listings a contingent listing is a short sale basically into a sale that requires either lender or for approval which usually as lender approval in this market and in there are only 11 it does now somebody active listings I mentioned earlier might be short sale listings however it I cannot tell by the way I pull the data for this report whether there was active listings are I’m are short sales or not I can probably whole another a set of data which would allow me to tell but for the purposes of this a this market update out safe to say that there are only can 11 contingent short sale listings currently in Carlsbad which is not a a large number at all considering how many were there year ago or two years ago where the market was just inundated with the so it shows definitely that the market is try starting a cleanse itself a little bit so on the 11 can change in Carlsbad listings the average is a three-bedroom three-bath home less 2,442 square feet with an average list price is $500 and 84790 eight dollars an average list price per square foot 242 dollars and the average days on market: is years at 207 dollars now I one thing I want to point out is that the list price per square for 242 is lower than what the other prices per square foot you’ll see so don’t be alarmed by that price per square foot because short sales typically do you have a more list price per square foot for a for a myriad reasons so I am there are currently 126 pending listings in Carlsbad these listings after three bedrooms 3 baths 2006 to square feet the average list prices 840 1,374 dollars the average list price per square foot is 337 dollars and the average days on market is 49 days so there’s quite a few pending listings coming down the pipeline so we can compare the number for the list price per square foot other pending listings to the list price per square foot up the sole listings to see how close it is so currently are as of January first up this year to you February 18 which is today there have been +91 sold listings in Carlsbad these properties averaged three bedrooms 3 baths 2,436 square feet ever average list price 890,000 915 dollars an average list price per square foot 346 dollars a square for they sold for 700 91311 on average which is 98 percent the list price which is really good I’m sold big number is what did a cell four per square foot acres that is the actual terminator out what your house is work pro based on a price per square foot basis as of today and that number is 338 dollars per square but so and the average days on market for the soul rest in just 38 so if you look at the averaged us all price per square foot and compare it to me pending listings they are almost identical they’re one dollar all at da large fifty-some sent saw so there very very close so that tells you that that is probably a very very good indication of what your house worth on a price per square foot basis so sometimes people like to know what the highest listing is the active listing and assault listing so I will tell you as I mentioned to you earlier the that being listing in the Big Dawg in Carlsbad right now is the $29 million dollar listing that I mentioned it earlier and now I and missile in this video and as I wait for the data to be put on my screen so that I can tell you about it I will tell you that that is a remarkably large I’m listing probably located on the beach area there for for $29 million so as I’m going to tell you the address in just one second as my helpful assistant well over there tries to pull the data I’m well are you anywhere close to finding that particular property it is why don’t you sort by price and a lot i won there you go Sony average price per se I mean I’m sorry the address for this particular property is 5305 Carlsbad Boulevard and it is eighty-five better 9 bat well thousand-square-foot home built in 2007 currently listed for $29 million it was listed in November 27 to last year and just to give you an idea how much higher this particular property s and next nearest active listing the next nearest active listing is a 5099 short dry which is a four-bedroom 2.5-bath 5100 11 square foot home is currently listed in a range listing a 6.95 million to 7.75 million so there’s a big difference between $29 million and 6.6 95 abs are 6.95 and 7.75 so that’s why I was telling you earlier that the a data from the Carlsbad Boulevard property is probably holing up that price per square foot and some others other numbers a little bit so as far as the us all listings are concerned I well I believe do you have a tear which one it is a 63-51 Allston Street which is a four bedroom four bath 5,000 490 square foot home that was listed for 2.1 $9.9 million I image they was listed on December 13th 2013 and closed escrow January 27 so just a few weeks ago and its altar two million dollars so it was on the market for 15 days so that is your Carlsbad real estate market update as of February a 2014 yes I do you have any questions or would like to speak to me further please feel free to do so you can reach me at area code 760 692 5950 760 692 5950 are you can visit my website at WWW dot Michael Gaddis Dakar or you can stop by my office which is located at 610 for innovation way in Carlsbad just of Palomar Airport Road and El Camino Real it’s in the towers oppressing ranch so feel free to stop by and just say hello or ask any questions if you’re in the area I other than that my name is Michael Gaddis I am in real estate broker a mortgage broker any license California Attorney and as always I give you more but it doesn’t cost you more.

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