Bressi Ranch Real Estate Market Update for February 2014

Bressi Ranch Real Estate Data

For February 2014

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Bressi Ranch Real Estate Market Update Video Transcript

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I’m Michael Gaddis your local press the ranch real estate expert this  as you are press the Ranch Market updating for February 2014  information in this in this market update  was taken from the Santa or multiple listing service  armed with a close escrow de permiso listings  February 18 2014  currently and press the rash there are two  active listings the average size of these homes is three bedrooms four baths  2,986 square feet the average list price for these homes  is 899 thousand ways with an average list price per square foot  up three hundred dollars there are currently two contingent listings  and dressing ranch and for those of you who do not know what lol contention  listing as  a contingent listings alleging that require some sort of approval  either from a court or from a lender  typically they refer to short sales so there are currently 20 those  and pressing rash they are the average four bedrooms  for past 3,160 three square feet  with an average list price is 700 eight thousand four hundred ninety five  dollars  an average list price per square foot 223 dollars  there are currently five pending listings  and dressing ranch pending listings our listings that are at an active esperame  the average up these five pending listings has 3 bedrooms  three bass 2007 130 square feet  an average list prices 695,100 five dollars  with an average list price per square foot up to her forty nine dollars and  seventy five cents  now actual notice the lit  the list price per square foot differed between the three  a second step dad the active listing price per square  but was three hundred dollars just a little over three hundred dollars for  the accident engine listing a list price per square foot was 223 dollars per  square foot which is obviously significantly less than what the active  list price per square  was and a pending listing purse were close to her forty nine dollars  now it’s not it’s not unusual for can’t  list price: contingent listings per square foot to be lower than the actor  ending Mustang but the real telltale sign up what the houses are currently  selling for per square foot will be  and the next set of data which is the sole mistakes  and the sold price per square foot is the ultimate indicator  what the houses are going or so apparently impressed the rash there are  for sold listings that occurred since january 1st  the after the he sold listings averaged three bedrooms  three bass 3,430 three square feet  with an average list price at one point 131  million dollars the average list price per square foot  history on twelve dollars per square foot now  that is a nice number but it’s not the indicator number  the indicator number is the sold price per square foot  so the average sold price for homes in and press here and since January  first is what just a little over a million dollars million sixty nine  thousand dollars  with an average sold price per square foot up 299 dollars  now as you will notice the average list price and so price per square  but match is dead on the average active  list price: so it looks like the best price per square foot  is right on target with you tell me when this happened since January 1st  this year so some people like to know  when the with the current high I’ll  list prices for us some other properties  so the current active a the highest a  listing currently in Press branch is 63 Jeff teaching Huntington Drive  it is a three bedroom for back home  3200 many square feet and is currently listed for $999 thousand dollars  so it has been on the market first just a little over six days  on the current sold price the highest sold price: old impressing rash  since January first was a big one I in with a 63-51  I’m Allston stream  I it was a four-bedroom 4 bath home  5,000 490 square feet it was listed at 2.19  nine million I’m it sold for $2 million dollars  salt that is really going to hell I’ll  Deir real estate market in the press rancher and so again this is Ben your  February 2014 market up game  my name is Michael Gaddis I’m a real estate broker  I am an attorney and I’m a mortgage broker if you would like to contact me  you can contact me at area code 760  692 5950  or you can visit my website at or you can I’m stop by and visit me at my office my house  is in press your ashes and towers oppressing rash  which is a stone throw away from the residential area  so feel free to drop by anytime just to say hello or to ask any questions you  might have  other than that remember this I give you more  but it doesn’t cost you more thank you.

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