Bonsall Real Estate Market Update January 2014

Bonsall Real Estate Market Data

For January 2014

In this informative video, you’ll get the latest news in Bonsall real estate activity with this real estate market update video from Michael Gaddis, J.D. Realty Group. If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in Bonsall, this information will help you know how to price your home correctly or plan a strategy in making an offer in the current market. Look for updated real estate updates in Bonsall bi-monthly. For help with all your North County San Diego real estate needs call 760.487.8266 or email to let us know your situation.

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Hi I’m Michael Gaddis your local Bonsall real estate expert. I love montel actually lived in Bonsall so I’m very fond of the area so I want to take some time to prepare a real estate market update for anyone who’s interested in kind of what’s going on and Bonsall as far as the real estate market is concerned. So I took the some data from the San decor which is a local MLS, I pulled all the active, contingent, pending and sold listings that occurred from December 1st 2013 to January 17 the 2014. And I’d like to come to go through that data with you in just gonna give you an idea kinda what’s going on currently in Bonsall as a January 17  2014. Over 24 active listings  the average a square foot  other homes being sold that are currently active is four thousand and  eighty square feet  the average list price is 1.1 million be average list price per square foot is 273 dollars per square foot and the average days on market for the active listings was 79 days. There are currently four pending listings in Bonsall the square footage of those pending listings after just three thousand square feet. The average iron list price:  those listings is 950 3,000  two hundred fifty dollars the average list price per square foot is 285 dollars in 40 cents a square but with an average days on market a hundred and thirteen days. The average a list price per square foot for the active and pending listings as is relatively close a 273 versus 285 so is pretty consistent sent December 1st. There have been four sold listings in Bonsall. The average square foot have those homes is three thousand seven hundred  thirty-eight and square feet the list price. Those properties was a million dollars million 11 only one million eleven thousand dollars or just   a little over a million dollars. The average list price per square foot  those sold listings was $249 dollars a square foot the real indicator is what the sold price came in at and what the sold price per square foot is the sold prices for those particular listings came in at 893 dollars and 750  893 thousand seven hundred fifty dollars so it came in the list price:  was average a million dollars and the sold price came in 893 thousand. So the houses came in significantly lower than what they were listed at on average for those four homes the average sold price per square foot worst 224 dollars’s  per square foot so you can see that these average price for this per square  foot for the at a list price for the active listings was $2.73 depending is 285  in the so listings came into 24 so it looks like in the in the pipeline their  son you know higher price per square foot is coming down the way  for some Bonsall residents which is good got going to help increase that price. Per square foot average which will in turn  increase the value of your property there were no contingent listings in  bonds or during the period that I checked contingent listings are short sale, so and usually indicate the stress of some sort now could be that some others  active listings search are short sales in its not reflecting actually gonna contingent status contingent status when you have an accepted buyer but it still requires  lender approval. You don’t move it depending because you don’t have full approval on your not technically an escrow, so you’re kind of in a limbo status they call that contention status. So we’re not we don’t have any there as a today but once someone those listings  one may be one of those 24 active listings baked a could be on you know a short sale but as of right now it doesn’t  reflect any at least as far as the data  the way. I pulled the data the highest house that hot sold during the time period that I pulled was located at 6183  via have around I that he is a six thousand 198 square foot home. It was listed at 1.58 million and it sold at 1.5 1,000,000 so it’s all pretty close it closed on January 14  2014 such close a few days ago. So it’s in this old very close to its list price which is which is really good so on you know things are looking upward in Banzai Banzai an absolutely beautiful area very unique and it’s gonna be hidden gem and I notice that when people come to my house and they’re like oh I’ve never heard a Bonsall zone I can’t believe how beautiful it is and it’s a hidden secret in. I think we should all be proud to be residents are Bonsall or so. If you have any more questions or would like to contact me in the future, you can give me a call at any time you can reach me area code 760-696-1425 or you can go to my website which is and or you can just drop by my house find out where I live in up by and see me. So anyway even if you have any other questions, please feel free to call me and I look forward to meeting you with you guys in the future. Thank you so much

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