Please help! 56 Days Left to Donate to St. Jude’s

St. jude Hospital

I have not quite received the influx of donations that I thought I would. I have set a lofty goal to raise $10,000 for a cause that I truly believe in. I am trying to find a way to finish what I started. I have only raised 10% of my goal. However, I still have a lot of time left. I am also committed to matching the highest donation that I receive which so far is $500. Please take a few minutes to make a small donation to a noble cause. If you are unfamiliar with St. Jude I strongly suggest that you research St. Jude.

I know that there are lots of worthy charities out there and that all of them need help. However, my heart follows me first to St. Jude. I want to help children have a chance at life. Please consider making St. Jude one of the charities that you sponsor. Please click on and make a contribution today.

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