April 2014 Vista Real Estate Market Update

Vista Real Estate Market Update

For April 2014

Michael Gaddis J.D. Realty Group’s Broker Michael Gaddis explains the recent real estate market activity for the Vista, California. If you are considering buying or selling a home in Vista, this information will help you to make smart decisions throughout your real estate transaction. For professional boutique assistance from a real estate broker who is also an Attorney at no additional charge, call 760.487.8266 or email contact@michaelgaddis.com today.


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Hi I’m Michael Gaddis, your Vista California real estate expert. This is your April 2014real estate market update for Vista California. Now this videos going to contain a lot numbers and data. The reason I’m taking the time to do this for you is to give you an indication what it takes are hearted what it takes to help determine what value you should you should put on your house when thinking about selling. This video let you into my brain a little bit in order to see how I begin the process of determining what the list price of the home should be. This is not be in the process is just the beginning. I look at multiple databases when trying to determine where I think I can push your value your house. My job is not too just or your house on the MLS and sell. My job is to sell your house for as much as I possibly can that’s what you expected me and in order to do that I’ve got to use all the research and analytical skills that I have to try to figure out what’s the model which the highest price. I can put it at and still justified in case is challenged by an appraisal so with that being said let’s see what’s going on in Vista. Currently in Vista there are a hundred forty-eight active listings the average active listing has 3 bedrooms 2 baths2,316 square feet has an average list price up 570 01534 dollars. An average list price per square foot 257 dollars and has been on the market for fifty three days. There are currently 35 contingent listings investor that a lot of content is that still shows there’s a lot of distressed homes investor a lot more than some the surrounding communities so Vista still in the process a dealing with a lot a underwater homeowners and people losing their homes because contingent listings typically refers short sales. Investor right now there are 35 contingent listings. The average contingent listing has 3 bedrooms 2 baths1951. square feet has an average list price of 366,000 733 dollars. An average list price per square foot a hundred and ninety three dollars. Now you might have noticed that the average I list price per square foot for the song for these contingent listings is significantly lower than the active listings. That’s normal to no matter where you go contingent listings. Short sales usually price out lower than what actor pending listings in as we’ll see so really you really shouldn’t put a lot of value our faith into the what the list price per square foot is that these contingent listings because that doesn’t mean that’s what it’s going to ultimately sell for and that is the more important data which will get you later the sold-out. So currently there are 108 pending listings on the market. Investor now when I say as a today, there are today is April 9 2014. I follow this data from San decor which is the multiple listing service for San Diego County and the data that I holders active pending contingent listings and sold at it was sold listings occurring from March 1st 2014 until the present which is April 9 2014. So currently there as I mentioned there are 100 8 pending listings pending listings our listings internet for a so they could get date there might be some short sales in there that have been through her I’m sure there are I but basically there listings that are on their way to closing hopefully. The average pending listing investor California right now has three bedrooms2 baths 01902 square feet has an average list prices 464 2016 dollars and has an average list price per square foot up 263 dollars. Now the average market time for these pending listings this thirty seven-day so that’s not too bad just a little bit over a month I’m on average before they go and have bad 82 sold listings since March 1st 2014 that’s a lot there’s a lot of activity going on investor. There’s a lot you as you can tell there’s a lot ta active listings there’s a lot of pending listings there’s a lot of contingent listings so mister is a hotbed of activity. Now the average home that it was sold during this time period was three bedrooms two baths 1700 and 47 square feet had an average list price421,000 thirty-three dollars at an average list price per square foot to 147 dollars per square foot but with all that being said in all the numbers that I just told you. The next setup data is the most important so all the rest if it is nice but this is work is really important it has an average sold price investor California for her and 13,000an average sold price per square foot 243 dollars so that average sold price per square foot is the beginning basis the trying to determine where the price at your house should fall. It’s not the alternate determining factor but it gives you a basis to start with. Now typically when I price outhouses this is where all-star I’ll take this particular sold price per square foot and then I’ll check many other databases to see how you know can go against this one and what your head this your house might have purses other words there’s a lot that goes into pricing it out but this is a good beginning a stage for that on the average days on market for the sold listings was 51 days. So you know we will these are basically listings that are coming off if you the winter time they’re closing now I’m so they stayed on the market a little bit longer do this to do the time of the year was so but one thing I can I can determine from all of this data is that there’s a lot going on in Vista Calif. So I want to thank you for taking the time to watch this April 2014. I’m real estate market update for Vista Calif. If you would like to speak to me and have me evaluate the price of your home or if you have any general real estate questions at all, please feel free to call me. You can reach me at area code 760-6925-950 you can also reach me via my web site WWW.MichaelGaddis.com or you can stop by my office. My office is located in Carlsbad not too far from this at all I Drive through this day every single day on my way to work I you can not stop by my office is 6104 innovation way Carlsbad Calif 92009. I wanna thank you for taking the time. I look forward to speaking to you in the future and as always I get you more but it doesn’t cost you more.

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