April 2014 Rancho Del Oro Real Estate Update

Rancho Del Oro Real Estate Market Update

For April 2014

Michael Gaddis J.D. Realty Group covers and explains the recent real estate market activity for the Carlsbad neighborhood of Rancho Del Oro. If you considering buying or selling a home in Rancho del Oro, this information will help you to make smart decisions throughout your real estate transaction. For professional boutique assistance with your real estate needs call 760.487.8266 or email contact@michaelgaddis.com today.


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Hi I’m Michael Gaddis, your Rancho Del Oro real estate expert. Today I wanna talk a little bit about the real estate market, the real estate market in Rancho Del Oro. This is your April 2014 Rancho Del Oro real estate market update. Currently in Rancho Del Oro, there are 10 active listings these listings range in square footage on a lower 2064 to a higher 2077. The average square footage for a house in Rancho Del Oro is currently 1,896 square feet is three bedrooms and two baths and it is currently listed at around 468 1100 nineteen dollars. The average price per square foot for a house in Rancho Del Oro that is listed in active status is 251 dollars a square feet. The average days on market is 31 days. Currently there are four contingent listings in Rancho Del Oro now. I constantly remind people about what contingent listing means and is really important because it kinda tells us the way the market is turning a contingent listing is a listing that is basically a short sell. Typically require some sort of approval from a lender from a core but typically a lender right now there are four contingent listings in Rancho Del Oro so what does that tell us well that number was extremely high last year at this time and now there are only four Kirk contingent listings currently in Rancho Del Oro, so that tells us that the amount of short sales that are going onre-argue Wendling and that’s a good sign for the real state market right now. The average contingent listing has 4 bedrooms and three baths. It has 2,189 square feet and has an average list price of 450 1,121five dollars the average list price per square foot is 206 dollars. Now that’s a big difference from the list price: rock per square foot up an active listing the active listing was 251 dollars that’s not unusual short sales or sales the price per square foot in the contingent listings is usually lower than the active in pending listings and is not necessarily reflective with the house will actually sell forthere’s a myriad reasons about why Island real estate agent will list a short sale listing less than what the market value or market will bear. But in general this is not necessarily reflective what the actual price per square foot will go through in Rancho Del Oro. Currently there are 22 pending listings so there are other listings up the active contingent pending the book over in pending status now pending means that there an active esra so that means that an offer has been accepted and if it could be a short sale has been approved whatever the case there are 22 these now the average house in pending status in Rancho del Oro has 3 bedrooms2 baths 01827 square feet with a list price of444,000 627 dollars and an average list price per square foot up to 147 dollars so that to 147 dollars price per square foot is very close to what the active listing price per square foot is up to fifty one which is very close about you what the market probably will bear but the true test above what the house is worth is reflected in the sole listings. So currently as I love March first time this year are since March 1st at this year on standard for the multiple listing service for San Diego County says this evidence how homes have sold in Rancho Del Oro. Now these homes have an average bedrooms and baths three bedrooms and three baths an average square footage01757 square feet an average list price is $460 4400 14with an average list price per square foot 258 dollars a square foot. Now that’s great but what really matters is what follows the average sold price for these homes is450,000 928 and the average sold price per square foot is 256 dollars so you can see that that is the true Judge Joe with the market rate. If your home is right now in Rancho Del Oro and is very consistent with what it the active listings are going for so that’s a better reflection and the contention listings obviously which were significantly lower. Now a lot of times people like to ask me what the with the largest house in you know currently for sale is or what which one that sold them for the most is now in this instance I for the as far as was sold in our Rancho Del Oro. The houses sold for the most was located at 2109 typically dry it had three bedrooms 3 baths1938. square feet. It had a sold price: 529 thousand dollars in close today April 9 2014 so it’s a very recent close. It is our you know pretty a pretty decent amount for a house so that square foot age so it really definitely shows that things in Rancho Del Oro trending upward. So my name is Michael Gaddis and if you have any questions or comments are you like to talk to you more about what your house might be worth in Rancho Del Oro, or if you’re a buyer looking to buy somewhere in Rancho Del Oro, please feel free to either give me a call you can reach me at 760-692-5950 or you can visit my website at WWW.MichaelGaddis.com or if you’re in the area my office is located in Carlsbad at 6104 innovation way that in Carlsbad California 92009. So please feel free to give me a call and remember, I give you more but it doesn’t cost you more.

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