If You, Or Anyone You Know, Has A FHA Or VA Loan With An Interest Rate Over 4.5% Call me ASAP!

FHA and VA interest rates are VERY Low right now.  If you, or anyone you know, has an interest rate above 4.5% call me today!!!  FHA and VA have streamline programs which make the refinance process extremely easy and painless.  The specific criteria for eligibility is as follows:

The specific requirements for the streamline refinance program are as follows:  

  • Must be current for the month due prior to closing and the month of closing.
  • Six months payment history required. At least six full months must have passed since the first payment due date.
  • At least 210 days must have passed from the closing date of the mortgage being refinanced.
  • <12 months: 0 x 30 for 12 months
  • ≥12 months: 1 x 30 for 12 months and 0 x 30 for the 3 months prior to the loan application.

Effective January 26, 2015 the mortgage insurance on FHA loans went down by 0.50 points so borrowers will not only save money by lowering their interest rate, they will also save money by lowering their monthly mortgage insurance payment.

 Plus no appraisal will be required!  I realize that borrowers are skeptical about anything related to their mortgages.  However, in this instance skepticism is unwarranted.  FHA streamline and VA streamline loans are amazingly easy to obtain and, with interest rates this low, a borrower would be crazy to not at least investigate the possibility.

If you or someone you know is interested in a FHA streamline refinance or a VA streamline finance contact me today at 760-692-5950 or by email at Michael@MichaelGaddis.com.

My finance company is Frontier Loan Group, Inc. CA BRE#01449152 NMLS# 345305.  My CA BRE # is 01433800 NMLS# 280011



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