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4S Ranch Real Estate Market Data

For January 2014

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 Hi this is Michael 4s ranch real estate expert. This video contains a market conditions report from December 1st 2013 through January 23rd 2014. In this report I have pulled data from the San decor which is basically the local multiple listing service. I have polled all of the active contingent pending and sold listings which have occurred during that time period which is again from December 1st 2013 to January 23rd 2004 and with that being said currently there are 15 active listings in 4s ranch the average price per square foot for the listings is a I’m sorry the average square footage for the listings is 2,319 square feet the average list prices 663,000 and the average list price per square foot is three hundred dollars a square foot. The average days on market 21 day so there its there’s not a lot of days on market looks like things are kinda flowing through little bit to quicker than a lot of other communities actually where the average time on market: is anywhere from you know 38 to 60 day so things in a flowing a little quicker to 4s ranch right now. Currently there’s one contingent listing the contingent listing is a four-bedroom three-bath 3,230 seven square foot home list price of 575,000 with a list price per square foot a hundred seventy seven dollars. Now if you don’t know what I can’t engine listing is, I will tell you a contingent listing is basically a short sale so any listing that requires approval of some sort whether it be court approval or on lender approval. And in this case based on what I see the price per square foot selling for which is significantly lower than then the anywhere else on in any of the other categories a I would imagine it’s a short sale. I wouldn’t worry too much about it because its students there’s no guarantee that this property is going to sell for what it listed at I mean the bank is probably going to counter in and try to get more money out of it. Currently there are 14 pending listings and 4s ranch the average square footage on these listings as 2,820 square feet the average list price is 770 2000 and the average list price per square foot to the pending listings is 279 dollars a square but in the average days on market is 57 days. Now we get to the category the really kinda matters and really kinda gives an indication of what’s going on in 4s ranch in that is the sole listing so from December 1st to January 23rd 2004 teen in 4s ranch 25 houses have sold. On the average square footage for the high houses they’ve sold is 2,376 square foot that’s how big the average house is that selling right now the average list price was six hundred sixty-eight thousand the average list price per square, but was $297 dollars per square but the average sold price which is the most important piece of data is the next two pieces. The sold price and the sold price per square foot the average sold price is 660 2000 and the average sold price per square foot is two hundred ninety five dollars, so the difference between the so price in the list price: on is that 99 percent so it’s very close to list price that means people are not drop in the prices on the house that much they’re pretty much selling very close to work to where the people are asking for them. Now but I like to do a lot of times as I like to trying to tell people exactly what with the most expensive homes sold in 4s ranch during this time period. And currently the most expensive car during this time period the most expensive house that sold was located at 16287 deer trail court. It was a three bedroom 4 bath 3900 77 square foot home and its it was less price at 970,000 and sold on January 6 this year for 940 2000. So it’s a very recent sale: it definitely pushing the price is up even though they sold for less than the list price. They’re definitely starting to push the prices up a little bit. So that’s good news for 4s ranch so again my name is Michael Gaddis. I want to thank you for taking the time to watch this video and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me you can reach me at on my phone at 760 692 5950 that 760 692 5950 are you can visit my website at www.MichaelGaddis.com. Thank you so much


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